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Lost on TCS

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Is there a page that has an explanation on everything on TCS? I checked the FAQ page, it didn't answer my questions!

Like...what are the points? What are they for, where did mine come from?!

Gifts? What are they for?

Changing my profile...how do I make one for my pets?

Signatures...I see I can have one made for me, how do I add it to my posts once I have it made?

I read something about quizzes...where are these at?

I have figured out a lot about posting, finally, but am still lost on this other stuff!

Sorry these are probably dumb questions!
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Hi there, yeah, there's lots to get your head around, isn't there? You could start with the sticky threads at the top of the New Cats forum and also at the top of this forum. Many of your questions will be answered in those threads, and if something's not clear, come on back here and let us know what needs further explanation.
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I find the search function comes in VERY handy too.

As for quizzes lots of member here post their own questions and games for others to participate in.
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Thanks to you both! I will try to figure this out, and if not I will be back!!
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