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answers quick please

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Ok I filled out an application to adopt a puppy on wed. I have been e-mailing back and forth with the shelter/place they are in and yesterday am he said my application looked good and asked for a vet reference. so I sent that along yesterday morning. didn't hear so sent an e-mail yesterday asking how long it took (once it is approved I have to mail a check as they are out of state, then they set up the spay appt. and then bring her to me and we meet up so want to get it done asap since it is a couple weeks for the spay appt and her rest etc.). I never heard back. this morning I sent one asking if they got my vet reference and never heard back.

should I try calling???? I am heading out camping this weekend so won't be able to hear back tomorrow and they are closed on Sun. I would like to know at least how long it will take or if for some reason I wasn't approved (cant' see it being the vets since i just paid about $1000 trying to make my older dog healthy before he passed away so I DO care for my pets and do all that I can) they close at 4:30 so in another 1/2 hr. so not sure if I should try to call and see what is up or if being a "pest" will turn them off from my application.
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I check e-mails for the shelter & check apps sometimes too, drives me nuts when people e-mail & call all the time. Esp. call, because for us, calling means leaving a message which we get e-mail to call this person back.
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ok thanks for the info. that is what I was afraid of. I just wanted to be sure he got my vet reference since I had asked other questions about their costs etc. to make sure i was reading it right and to be sure she would be spayed first since she is a puppy and he got right back to me.

In the mail that he asked for my vets info he had said once he had that we would talk about the transport so I had assumed it would be fairly quick. Also when I asked about how I would go about sending pmt IF I was approved he said they like you to send a check or MO ASAP so they can set up the spay appt because they wait for a check to set that up and get it done so the puppies can get to their forever homes.

So I was a bit shocked that it was taking so long to hear if I was approved or not. how long does that normally take and do they let you know if you are NOT approved?
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Depends.....we've been so swamped lately with apps & funraisers it is taking a week to get through an application. All the people who check applications are volunteers, many work them in around full time jobs, fostering infant kittens/puppies, and being at the shelter during open hours.
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ok thanks. the guy that was getting back to me was the animal control officer I think is who he was at least...... LOL trying to remember what it said on the site and he was the one answering all my questions.

When I asked about the spay and pmt he did say once they got pmt they set up the spay so it would be a week or two until we had her.......... so thinking it wouldn't take a week to go through the application.... I was hoping to hear so I knew if I had to start looking elsewhere or if we would have her around the long weekend (perfect time since it is a long weekend so hubby and oldest will be home). I am home all the time which is the ONLY reason we are looking for a puppy is I have loads of time to work with them. ok that came out wrong. that isn't the only reason looking for a puppy but a reason why we aren't looking for older. LOL

Thanks for the info. hopefully I will hear by mon and can then next day air out my check. LOL
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these are the e-mails that I got that sounded hopeful and that it would be soon.

That came through fine. Everything looks good. Can you provide a vet reference? Name and number to the clinic?

Once we have checked the vet reference, we will start talking about transport. Is there any one of the puppies you are most interested in? They are all black and white females and aside from one they are mostly black with some white. The other is mostly white with black.

Thank you again for your application. I hope we can make this work for your family and one of our furkids.

James Collins
ACO Shelby County Kentucky

(the That came through fine was because he couldn't open the first one that I sent so had to resend it)

What you see as the adoption fee is correct. We will try to get her spayed before she comes to you, as it is kind of taboo to transport to an adoptive home an unaltered animal. We do have vets here that do pediatric surgeries. I will have to look into the soonest date for this. This means it may be a week or two for everything to be ready and for us to send her up to you.

There should be no extra cost. These puppies are too young for a rabies shot so in lieu, we have given them their first puppy shots and have wormed them with a mild puppy wormer. The only extra cost there may be is for a health Certificate which is required for an animal to enter into Mass. This is a requirement of your state. I will let you know who to call and how to pay for that.

The adoption fee can only be paid by check or money order and we ask that to be sent to us ASAP once your application is approved. This way we can schedule spay appointments.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.



those were the last 2 things I got from him yesterday morning.
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