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Stray hit by car -- ends happy!

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My neighbor and I both do animal rescue. There's been a small black cat in the neighborhood lately that was hit by a car (well we're pretty sure that's what happened anyway). The cat's bottom teeth were knocked out in the accident but the jaw is intact. My neighbor had loaned her trap out and we were trying to get it back but luckily I won the kitty over with canned food and we were able to get her to a vet this morning. Keep your fingers crossed and send good vibes out for her! She's a super sweet cat and once we get her fixed up and healthy we'll be looking for an excellent home for her!
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good to hear that you were able to catch the cat and hopefully she'll be all fixed up soon :-)
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Sending this kitty lots of and hoping she'll be all healed up and in a new forever home soon.
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We got some bad news today. Turns out that the cat wasn't hit by a car but has a tumor on her mouth instead. She's scheduled for surgery on Monday but the vet isn't very hopeful. Still, my neighbor and I have decided to try everything. The cat is very sweet and we'd like to see a great home for her.
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At worst, she will have a little while left to be loved...
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I was happy when I read the first post, but sad when I read that she has a tumor. for kitty. You and your neighbor are this kitty's
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We're hopeful that with treatment the kitty can be ok. I'll let you know what we hear after the surgery Monday.
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Sending TCS prayers and vibes that kitty's surgery goes well and the prognosis is better than expected
Bless you for all that you are doing for that cat - you are real cats-guardian angels
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Oh the poor thing! Bless you for trying what you can. Praying she makes it through and heals and can have a shot at a nice forever home!
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We had good news yesterday. The kitty had her surgery and all went well. The vet was much more hopeful than he had been afterwards. He was able to get all of the tumor. We still don't know if it's malignant or benign but should hear sometime today. Also, the kitty is Feluk and AIDS negative and she's had all her shots and is spayed. We're feeling pretty good about her prospects but I'll let everyone know the results of the tumor test. She still needs a home so send her lots of !
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