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her water broke !!!!!

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last night at midnight my sister called, Oh My God, i'm so excited, we're leaving tomorrow morning, i think, OMG !!!

that's about all i can say right now, i'm so excited & anxious !
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she isn't having contractions yet but the baby will probaly come within the next 48 hours !!!
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blue this is great news!!! All my best is being sent to Auntie Blue!
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YAY! congrats!
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congrats!!! I think contractions or not after the water breaks they want the baby out in 48 hours so you don't have long to wait!!!
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CONGRATS!! all the best!
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Congratulations to Auntie Blue!!!
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Congrats!! Do you know if she's having a boy or a girl?
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That is so exciting!!!! I wish your sister the best!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!
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thanks for all the well wishes, everyone

we won't know if it's a boy or a girl until she/he is born ~!

the midwife said she should be going into labour tonight/tomorrow morning and i'm so sad we can't leave until the morning (i really want to be there right after the child is born), but my grandma wasn't ready to just up and leave, so we're leaving at about 4 or 5 a.m. tomorrow and should get there by 1 or 2 p.m.

will let you know when the baby's born ~!~!

please pray for a healthy, beautiful girl or boy.

love you guys, and talk soon.

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Lots of prayer's coming from NY!!!I love new babies!Human or animal!
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Oh how exciting! Please fill us in with all the details...and pictures too!
Congrats Auntie Blue!
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What did she have? And how did it go??? Don't keep us in suspense!!!
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Debby I've been waiting to hear too! I keep looking for a thread by blue saying how everything went!! The suspense. . .
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Oh I really hope everything went well! Sorry I didn't see this in time to include my prayers!

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Blue, where are you - we are all waiting anxiously!
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