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Rowdy, thwarted

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Finally, the tub/shower job is finished! This morning, while I was in the shower, Rowdy attempted to join me. She presumed that she could push those doors out of the way, just like she did the shower curtain. Surprise! She yowled, pushed and rattled the doors. This was one very frustrated pussycat.

As soon as I got out, she jumped into the tub and checked those doors out, from every angle. I'm sure that it will only be a matter of time, before she learns how to slide them. It should be interesting to watch.
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poor rowdy!
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It is really only a matter of time for a smart kitty! LOL Hope you get it on film when it happens.

I went over to a friend of mine's last night. She has more cats than me. They just remodeled their bedroom/bathroom and I had to laugh because one of their new and improved features was a cat door into the bathroom! LOL Doris had taken paints and painted cute designs on the door flaps! I told her she needed to market them!
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Since she couldn't join me in the shower, Rowdy decided to help me clean the bathroom.

This entailed flopping onto her back and attacking the broom, as I was trying to sweep and then rolling in the debris, before I could get it into the dustpan. She followed this up with attacking the mop. As I was sitting on the floor, scrubbing along the baseboards, she straddled my hand and bit at the scrubber. WHERE would I be, without "Mommy's little helper"?
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You would be bored, but because of Rowdy you are highly entertained!
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CONGRATS on your new tub/shower!!

It is really nice to have new stuff in the house, you know?

Rowdy is a smart and cute one!

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I always have help sweeping too. Trent thinks this is the best game in the whole world!
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Poor Rowdy, she will never know the joy of sitting between the shower curtian and liner again. That nasty shower door!
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We never had a liner, just a clear, purple curtain. She would bat at the drops, running down and fall into the tub.
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I have that problem,Grayski will not let us sweep in peace,he rolls on the dirt and broom!And wants his belly rubed!
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HOW did nice people, like us, raise such bratty cats?
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Originally posted by Vikki
We'll all be waiting to hear if Rowdy decided to go the route of figuring out how to *open* the shower door, or if she decided to figure out a way to get *over* the door. With some of the Rowdy stories, I wouldn't put an amazing acrobatic feat past her .
I got this pic in an e-mail, you've probably all seen it...
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What a clever girl. I bet it wont take her long to figure it out.

Is the sliding door awkward or heavy? I had a cat who slid sliding doors. I think the cat door into the bathroom is a brilliant idea. So many times I had to get out of the shower and open the door to let em in, or their crying would have woken the household.

Please keep us posted on how she does with the door (pic's would be lovely)

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These doors are very lightweight and Bill hung them, so that they slide easily. Rowdy will soon figure out how to hook her paw and get them open. She can open cupboard doors,already.
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