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Bummer for San Francisco

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They will have to find a new liberal talk show host.

(Don't mean to imply there are no conservative perverts, because there are)
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I was gonna say.....
perversion doesn't respect political persuasion.

It shouldn't be too hard to find a replacement though!
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This link posts the transcript describing the damning photo. It is of a woman in her 30s, supposedly the mother, and 2 children, a 14yo boy and a 12yo girl, both nude, and the mother is guiding the little girl's hand over the boy's privates.
While not as vile as raping or actually molesting a child, it is against the law to possess it and also to transmit it. So, he deserves to go to prison, IMO.
I wonder about the kids in the pic and the adult woman who is perpetrating the crime - I couldn't find any info about them...sicko b****!!!!!!
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I did find it interesting that Ward was previously a Catholic priest.

I used to hear him occasionally when I was out on the west coast, in the middle of the night. He was very rabid, and rather nasty toward anyone who disagreed with him. While I don't wish anyone ill, I have to say that karma is a b****.

Of course, we know any number of politicians from both sides of the aisle who have discovered the same thing!
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I think they're missing the boat. It's the woman that should go to jail, if not to a mental institution for the criminally perverted. Not that he should get off, of course, but it's the lesser of the two evils, IMO.
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