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Sage-E-Poo :(

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I remembered you today sweet little one, there is no other as sweet and kind as you. The good die young.
She was taken from us on February 18, 2008 from a terrible disease,
she only had about a week left before she was due for her kittens,
Feline Distemper, a bad disease,
rest in peace to all her babies that never got to see the sun shine.
rest in peace to sage, the one who was abused, and still came out with love in herself, there is no cat with more beauty, how much I miss you today sweet girl... I cried this morning, I couldn't believe how much love and strength you had, I love you baby girl,
I tried my best ...

She was an angel before her demise...

How she liked her name to be said...
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Condolences on losing Sage and her babies. Distemper is such a cruel, cruel disease Play happily over RB, Sage & babies - you will always be together, and you little ones have been spared the suffering that can come with living
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Gone before her time.
Sage-EE-Pooh and her wee ones are now strong and whole at the Bridge.
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That's so sad She's with her babies at the bridge now

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I´m so sorry about that...
My condolences.....

I´m sure is on the rainbow....
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Sage and babies.
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i'm so sorry. your little fur family are happy and well playing across the bridge.

RIP sweet angels.
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So sad. I'm sorry for your loss.
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