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Been a while :)

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Heya guys,
Been a while since I've had the time to stop by. I hope everything is going well for you and your furbabies

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talk about a blast from the past!

are you still with (i think his name was) Craig??

Last we heard you guys had finally moved.

You have 3 siamese babies, right?

fill us in! what have you been up to???
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Heyas Airprincess. Yes ma'am.. Craig and I are still together, and yup, you have a good memory.. my 3 babies are siamese (even tho they aren't babies anymore. *cries*).

I'm working on school, work, and fitness. After finally facing myself.. I have decided it is time to lose weight and get back to being the fit person I once was. In a span of two years (since I moved in with Craig) I have gained 65 lbs. So, now its time to lose 75 LOL.

I've hired a personal trainer and a nutrionist. Working out three days a week. I've been going for two weeks so far, and am already noticing small differences. Also, because I feel that its only fair that we both have to go through the agonizing pain that is losing weight and getting fit, I have made Craig work out with me!

I'll try to dig up some pictures to share with you guys.

What about you Airprincess? How have you been?? I've missed you guys!

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Hey you!!!!!

LONG time no see! Do you still have Sebastian? (am I remembering the right name?) It has been way to long and my memory sucks! LOL

Welcome back to the homestead...
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congratulations on taking control of your life! I started weight watchers last january and made lifetime in december. I lost around 88 lbs. It fluxuates :laughing:

We have a thread here, somewhere, called 'healthy living'. check it out! There is a lot of good info in there!

I'm looking forward to seeing some pics. I remember you guys used to go hiking.

same old same old here. I have the same job, am with the same guy (not that those are bad things, they just aren't NEW things). I did get a third cat and she's a hellraiser. keeps us all on our toes.

So glad you're back Cass!
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Hey, haven't seen you here in a LOOOOOOOONG time! Glad you stopped in, and that you are doing well.

Good luck w/ your weight loss journey, its hard work but in the end it will pay off!!!

Stick around this time!
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i guess i didn't really get to know you because i only joined a few months ago, but anyway welcome back!!
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Cassie!!! It is great to see you!!!! I wondered what ever happened to you!!!! I am glad to see you back!!! I know how you feel about needing to lose weight...I had a baby 7 months ago and I still have quite a bit left to take off.
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Looking forward to getting to know you! Welcome back.
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Hi Cassie!

i am pretty new, so you don't know me.

i see you live in San Francisco .. i do too, in the Sunset district, very close to great highway.

Wow, you have Siamese cats? Lovely!

Take care and Cheers!
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Yup Hissy.. I still have my Sebastian (better know as Bastian now ). He's grown up now and doesn't ram his nose into my eye with really loud purrs at night when I'm sleeping. I miss that !

Eeeps, Airprincess! We were just discussing the other day how we would like to get back in shape and pick hiking back up. I couldn't pull off the hikes we used to do right now. I'm entirely too chubby!

Thanks Dtolle! I'm really determined to get in shape, and believe it or not I am learning to enjoy working out

Thanks for the warm welcome back guys!

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Hi Cass,I am fairley new here,welcome back,good luck on your weight loss, I have 5 Siamese's! and 4 new Siamese baby's 2 weeks old.Here is a picturew/ my granddaughter Mariah.
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