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Jack is so big

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I know there really is no way of telling how big a cat will get when full grown, but my 5 month old baby Jack seems sooo big and feels soooo heavy, im wondering how big he will get, not that it matters i would love him no matter how big or small, just curious.

He was at the vets about a week or two ago and at 5 months weighed about 7-8 pounds. Does this seem like the norm? Any idea if he will keep growing more?

He likes to sit on my chest when i watch tv, lastnight he did this and he felt so heavy i had to move him, I cant believe how fast they grow up, its seems just like yesterday when I brought him home from the shelter.

Heres a picture of Jack and my dog Bear, the two headed dog!

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Sounds like he will be a big boy Charlie's breeder told us that he would go 11-12 lbs when grown (he had larger feet). He's about 11 lbs now and will be full grown by his 2nd birthday (in August).

You have to go more by his body build to judge. Just be sure he's not getting too much of a tummy and he'll be fine. Its easier to put weight on if he needs it then to try and reduce them when overweight. My first cat was a big boy - healthy at 14 lbs of muscle. He was a tall and long bodied cat
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they come in all sorts of sizes, especially moggies... i have cats ranging from 8 pounds to 16 pounds. the 16 pounder is my male, a stocky [bit pudgy] muscular guy. the 8 pound is my youngest - she's still growing tho, so who knows what'll happen w/her!
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