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how long for stiches to fall out

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I had my kitten spayed in Feb on the 25th, and the vet put in the disolving kind of stiches. It is now March 24 and the stiches still have not disolved. I was getting a little worried she doesnt bother them or anything but i thought by now they would have fell out. Thanks for any input i might get.
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I agree, Those dont sound like disolvable sutures. Call your vet.
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Hi there!

Give Candi a kiss for me! i, too, have two white kitties, Venus and Daisy.

Venus was spayed the day before i picked her up. She had pink strings on her spayed area, and i was very careful not to touch her there, so as not to hurt her.

In their kitty bin is a small scissor with round ends that i bought from a Japanese store. It is supposedly a human nose hair scissor, but i use it for my kitties, as it will not hurt the skin when the ends are touched.

About two weeks after, i could tell the skin area where the spaying was done was pretty much closed up, and the strings were starting to stray. So, i gently snip off the strings, one by one, very slowly and carefully.

Could you do the same, i wonder? If not, i concur with the rest, the vet should lend a helping hand to snip off the strings since they are not dissolved yet. It sounds uncomfortable for Candi. (?)

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I took her to the vet last night for the rest of her shots and to be wormed and he said they where fine that sometimes the disolving kind takes awhile to disolve all the way. So i will waite a little longer and hope they do but i do think i am going to try to cut them down a little bit so they wont be so noticable. But im trying to relie on what he said considering he is the vet but i hope that he is right i love my kitty and dont want anything to happen to her. Thanks so much for all the advice. Joanie
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