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samples of high-end cat food?

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Does anyone know if any companies give samples of cat food? I'm eager to get my kitty on some decent food, but he is VERY picky. I've went thru about 5-7 grocery brands before he finally liked purina kitten chow, but now since I started coming here I found out there are GOOD cat foods out there. The problem is, a lot of them are expensive, which is OK, but what if he won't eat it? Then I'll have to buy another kind of expensive food and it could all add up to a bunch of money.. so does anyone kno of a way to get samples, or if companys even give them? TIA =)
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If you go to the site of the food most of them will send you either a free sample or a coupon to get a bag at the store. If you go to a place like Petco or Petsmart they usually offer very small bags so you do nt have to commit to the food. They are usually on the end caps and are trial sizes. If you go to a petstore they usually have a bin with free food samples. You can also ask the store what their policy is some of them will take it back if only a small amount is eaten and trade it for something else.
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Actually most pet stores will have some samples lying around of at least a couple foods.

There was one I used to go to that would give me about 5 bags of different kinds all the time, it was great! And they were free, not every place gives out FREE samples.

Some of the websites will also have promotions from time to time where they give out free food, you can check that out as well

I hope you find something you like and that your cat will eat.

I also wanted to say, about the price increase in the better foods. Often times the cat will eat LESS then on say something like meow mix, which in turn is actually saving you money.

Here's an example.

Friskys Dry they will eat 1-2 cups per day
Wellness Dry they will eat 1/2-1 cup per day

See how it can save?
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