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Vet today...*Sigh* Not particularly good news...

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I'm not exactly sure where to put this, so I'll start here (and see where it ends up I guess... ). I took 3 out of 4 cats to the vet today (Smoochie was conveniently missing all morning, and I couldn't find her anywhere ), and got some fairly bad news. All my cats are seniors, and Bird is the oldest (15) and has hyperthyroidism. The vet told me today that (on a good note) her weight is stable , but her thyroid gland is huge (a 5 or a 6 on the 1-6 scale- I think I got that right) and she has developed a grade 3 heart murmur, which leaves out the possiblity of surgery. Sigh.

And then Meggie has lost weight (I told them that something was wrong with her when we went in, that she wasn't grooming herself as well as usual, and had lost weight)- 2 lbs- she weighs 6lbs 4 oz. now, and her thyroid gland is a 4-5, and she still has her heart murmur (I don't remember her grade, a I think), plus a possible mass in her abdomen that she complained about everytime the vet got a hold of it to palpate it . She said it might be stool, but probably not since Meggie acted like it was tender. I'm supposed to take her back in 2 weeks to a month for a recheck, and if it is a mass, well...that would be it.

The good news is that our hair factory, Butterbean, is fat and healthy, and her murmur hasn't changed (she has a grade one- what is it about my household??? Even the dog has a heart murmur, but she came that way ).

Maybe I should just let Smoochie skip the vet this year...
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Awww, sorry you got bad news. It's hard having a senior cat and worrying about them all the time. for you.
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I am so sorry about all the bad news. I don't know what to say but you are in my prayers.
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Seems that when this get bad, they really get bad!

Sending for your whole crew.
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Don't let Smoochie skip the vet. We have done that repeatedly cause of mental and financials hardships of the other cats. Right now I am struggling with vets b/c it's been so long that Molly has been seen that they won't discuss "asthma" with me until the see her.

Sorry about your others babies.
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Oh gosh, I thought it was hard having ONE senior (not one of my current ones), and you have FOUR! Hopefully when you take Smoochie it'll be more good news, rather than bad.
for the whole gang!
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Thanks so much everyone . This was not a fun vet trip, but at least it was with my favorite vet at the clinic (and who saw them for their yearlies last time) and whom I trust (the other vet is very nice, I just haven't had him work on the whole crew before ).

I was just (half kidding) about Smoochie not going to the vet - she's going, but I'll probably take her when I take Meggie back in a month (the vet is 35-45 mins away, depending on traffic ), but she will be going...I may spend a week shutting her in the bathroom and then calling the vet to see if they have any openings though, lol.

I feel like we're in a bit of a holding pattern right now, but I'm hoping that will pass soon and things will feel normal again, since we have been through this with our decision to get our dog from the humane society or not (she has a congenital heart defect), and we aren't sitting on pins and needles about her anymore; it's just life. I may still be in a bit of denial, but that's okay too. Next month will pop that bubble with Meggie, one way or the other...
Thanks again. I'll let you know how that appointment goes.
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