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Simone goes for her spay tomorrow

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Soon, I'll be taking away all the food, sweeping the floor for errant nibbles and closing all the bags of food tight. Then preparing for a night of complaining other cats.

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What a gorgeous kitten!!!!
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She is adorable. Praying she makes it through her spay with flying colors!
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The spay went well and she stayed at the vet hospital overnight.
The tech told me to keep her quiet for 10 to 12 DAYS. Yeah. Right.
She was very active right away. It's been several hours and she's
just now settling down for a nap.

She started yanking at her stitches right away and it was difficult
to dissuade her. Finally, I went to get the e-collar but they gave
me one too large.

After putting it on her, she went nuts running to try to get it off.
That didn't go well and seems opposite of trying to keep her quiet.
She seems to be leaving the stitches alone now.

There are only 2 stitches. Must be buried ones too.

My other female cats were much more cooperative at this phase.
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I'm glad she's doing well!
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Ah, bless her! She is adorable and I am glad things went well.

It is hilarious when they tell you to keep them quiet for so long. Our vet tech gave us that same spiel and then she laughed and said obviously that wouldn't happen (kitten with two very active brothers...) and just told us to keep an eye on her and if she was acting abnormally after a few days or if she was excessively involved with her stitches then to bring her back in. Luckily, we didn't have a problem.

I am sure there are some internal dissolvable stitches as well. Our vet did all dissolvable stitches on Conor since she found the vet experience quite traumatic (former feral). Here's hoping that your sweet little thing recovers just fine! I am sure she will.
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