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Not really feelin' the love!

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A couple of shelter kitties, I think they hate me.

Those were the best 2 pictures....half the pics of these two they weren't even in them by the time I got the picture. It's been 2 weeks & they're still terrified.
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Nat, I would LOVE to adopt the second one with her tongue sticking out like What a little attitude!
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What little beauties! They are just so precious. I hope that they come around soon.
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Aww... it looks like the first one is thinking "Mmmm you look tasty!" I love the coloring on the second... and that little tongue... too cute! My MIL has a barn cat that always walks around with her tongue hanging out.

I hope they get comfortable soon... and adopted!
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Awww! They are both cute!

We've got a black and white girl at the rescue centre who's decided she doesn't like me!
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Look at those tongues
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They are both precious. I hope they get over being so freaked and get adopted. They both have cute tongues though.
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Aaaaww they're so pretty!!
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The second one was one of my farm kitties. She got placed with an older couple as the companion for the first one.....and the older couple is experiencing extreme health (and financial) problems, so here they are again.

The second one's name is Pandora, because she's like Pandora's never know with her!

En masse, here's a whole lotta those guys prior to re-homing & spay/neuter. Pandy Pan is the top left white one.

(The "siamese" coloration, whatever gene caused that was everywhere....tons of kittens that looked like that & lots of solid white ones)
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OH MY GOSH!!!! KITTY PILE! That is the most sweet thing I've seen all day! You have to admit, even though they don't love you they sure look like they loved each other.

...I'm saving that picture on my computer
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The buff kitten at the top of the pic is my Dorian Grey. One of the Bobs & Cow are also in that pic. 6 of those guys were re-homed. 2 tested FeLV+ 8 months after being re-homed & were euthanized. 1 traveled to Alaska to live. 2 live in a guy's office/shop where he works all's his business office. And the 6th one is Pandora.

The rest are all over the Rainbow Bridge. Sandy Paws died last May. Ratigan was hit by a car shortly after that picture was taken. The Lone Ranger died during his neuter. And Urchin died almost 2 years ago....he was semi-feral.

I kept heating pads hooked up under that blanket for them, which is why they looked so content.

Makes me happy that I finally talked the parental units into spaying/neutering....gosh how many of those babies died.
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Aww! I love the first kitty. Looks just like one I looked after for 2 years in an old job. He was called Toby
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Those are precious pics - what gorgeous coloring!! And the kitty-pile is a treasure
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