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Help...friends' Cat has flesh wound infection. Allergies?

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I'm new to the forum. My friends' cat has been exhibiting some weird allergy behavior where she scratches her back, neck, and eyebrows until it bleeds and recently they've started to get infected. The cat is was homeless until they adopted it so they don't really know it's history, and they don't quite have the money to take it to the vet. if anyone can check out these images and maybe give a possible solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Our only other option would be to take it to the humane society and chances are they'll just put her to sleep

Here's a link to the craigslist post with some pictures.


thanks for any help
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cat skin issues are very stubborn. I have a cat that suffers similar issues. I've tried many things, the vet has tried several things including steroid to perhaps make him less itchy.

I'm going to try a different vet.

I did try an infant t-shirt. The cat didn't keep it on, but it might be an option for the body wounds. For the head...you may need one of those elizabethan collars. They have fabric ones that would be less traumatic, perhaps.
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I can offer my experience. My late cat, Max, did the same thing almost. His big sister, Phoebe must have swatted him and left a scratch mark, one above his eye, and one across his cheek.
As the wounds healed..they must have itched (like a scab will itch on us). Max scratched, the 'scab' bled, the wound opened...etc. I did put some polysporin on the wound above the eye...all the time. I think the moistness of the creme kept it from feeling itchy. This is all under the direction of a Vet.

The cheek scratch just wouldn't heal...he kept scratching it....so, on went the collar. Max only needed to wear it for two days...I took it off at night. Like a miracle, the wound healed past the point of itchyness....and he never looked back.

My Vet told me that Polysporin will not hurt the cat. If your friend can put some antibiotic ointment on and keep watch. If she starts to scratch..try to divert her attention. A cat wound does not take long to heal...
I hope this helps.
Here's my little fellow...not quite a year old..in 2004!
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If there is an infection, she will need medication to clear it up--probably a combination of antibiotics and prednisone. If your friend is unable to afford vet care, I would suggest that she call around to different shelters, including some further north. She may be able to get the cat on a waiting list to get in at a no-kill shelter (Cat Adoption Team would be my first choice, since they have a hospital on site). It is possible that the cat has a food allergy, and switching food may help--but if the wounds are infected, they are definitely going to need treatment in order to heal.

Another possibility is that the cat has pemphigus, an autoimmune disorder:
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Thanks for the advices so far. We've gotten a lot of responses from our local craigslist post and so far we feel like we're on the right track. we're trying to rule out ringworms and that probably means going to a free vet somewhere near by, and they are attempting some home remedies for her (such as coconut oil for her infections and wounds). They've also changed her food and litter to see if it helps with the allergic reactions...

We're all hoping for the best.

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