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Please let me remind you of the TCS moderating policies. When we see a thread that has content that is in violation of the forum rules, that thread is moved to our "under review" forum (to be reviewed and if necessary edited). Most of these threads then return to the lounge not all. Parties involved are PM'd.

As to which threads are treated this way - either one of our rules has been directly and obviously violated or someone made a complaint about a post.

Let me quote from our rules again (all visibly posted on every page):

6. If you see a potential problem with a posting, please alert a moderator. Each forum has a moderator; some forums have more than one. State the reason the post should be removed or edited as clearly as you can, and allow the moderator to work from there. At times some posts will vanish from the board, as they will need to be cleaned up and put back. Sometimes, they just don't return.

7. Please note that this site is privately owned and operated. Moderators are not paid for their services and try to make TCS a pleasant experience for everyone. With that in mind, we ask that you refrain from posting complaints and negative feedback on the public forums as we have found this to be the least constructive form of criticism. If you are not pleased with the way this site is run, or have an issue with one of the team, you are welcome to contact the forums owner, Anne, at Any post in violation of this rule will be edited or removed without prior notice.

Hope that clarifies a few questions. The forums are here for us all to enjoy. No one is forced to post or to read - if anyone feels that our little corner of the internet is not to their liking there are always other places to go to. There is no need to let us know in any formal or non-formal way that you are leaving. You may post a goodbye thread - but please make sure it complies with our rule no. 7 - thank you!

One more thing - as part of our continuing effort to improve our forums (based on feedback from you - our users) we try to address violations of rules and/or inappropriate posts via PM's. Just because you don't see a mod addressing an issue in public does not mean it's not done.