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Probably one of the worst cases of feline neglect i've ever seen.

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Well, call me a sucker, i've got yet another foster baby at the moment. She's a skinny little girl, her name is Persia.

She came into the shelter recently and was covered head to toe in the most aweful matts i've EVER seen (and believe me, i've seen TONS!) We measured the length of the matt from skin to end of fur and it was over 6" in some areas It was soo attached to her skin that we had not choice but to use the razor and scissors and even rip some of it off in some places. We worked on her for close to 3-4 hours and she had to be sedated because it was so bad. There was poop matted on her to the point that it was almost calcified looking...she has urine burns and Lord knows what else

I accidently cut her once in one spot and had to glue her skin back together. I felt soo horrible about it too- but you just can not see at all on matts that bad. I was using every technique in the book - finally found one that worked enough to get the majority of the matts off. My coworker accidently nicked her twice so in addition to the matts she also has a few minor nicks (i feel soo bad about it- but even after having a great deal of grooming experience- it's almost impossible not to accidently nick one that bad.)

This poor cat is skin and bones too- she's incredably underweight. Due to her low weight/bloodpressure too she almost didn't make it out from anestesia.- we almost lost her twice and had to give her reversal and cpr at one point. Thankfully though now she's FINALLY waking up. I'm keeping her warm and watching her closely. I took her home from work with me for the night (or at least until she's coherant enough to be ok).

I'll have to get pictures of her later on- this poor girl is soo sad. Keep your fingers crossed that when all of this is over with- she can find a wonderful home soon.
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Praying for poor Persia! I hope she recovers well and finds the BEST home ever!

It makes me want to vomit that someone would let an animal get like that. Any animal cruelty charges on the former owner?
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Oh gosh, Niki I don't know how you do it! That just brought tears to my eyes. Bless you for being there and caring for this little kitty. She obviously needs all the love she can get.
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Poor baby! How old do you think she is?

You are truly an Nikki! Under your care, she will get better.

Sending healing to Persia...
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Poor little kitty.

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To answer a few of your questions. As far as age goes- i was honestly so concerned about her condition i didn't even check her teeth yet- but judging based on her body i'd say about 3-4 yrs- i'll know better when i get a good look at her teeth. Right now she's waking up from the anestesia pretty hard so i'm going to let her come out of it for a bit before i mess with her much. She's in a small padded kennel with a heating pad on top of the kennel for warmth and a blanket covering the kennel so its quiet.

She was reported to us as a stray- so i don't know about an owner, although i'd sure as heck like to find the idiot who put her outside!!!! This is a persian cat- they are extremly high maintance and are NOT ment to be tossed outside and abandoned (which seems to be what happened) There's no telling how long she's been like this eithor- i'm guessing months at the least if not over a year. She could not even use the restroom because she had old poop (it was so bad it looked calcified on her) stuck to her rear end blocking her up It took me an hour alone just to get her bottom shaved and cleaned- it was aweful.

As far as the rest of her body goes- i got off all of the matts and most of the fur - but at the end of almost 4 hours i was exhausted and she wasn't dealing with anestesia well- so we called it a day and yea, she looks like crap because the fur isn't evenly shaved down all the way- (there's patches here and there) but we're going to just let her be "ugly" for the week and try again next week to finish up her shave. To put her through anything else this week would just be too much for her weak little body.

Her ears are horrible too but i haven't even gotten to those yet- i'm sure she has earmites galore- so tomorrow i'll go into work on my day off a little while and clean those out a bit and put meds in it to clear it out- but for right now she just needs to rest. You kind of just have to do a few things at a time when they're in this bad of shape. Poor girl, i really want to just keep her myself. If she responds ok then next week she might be able to get spayed.

It's been a long day I hope she stays awake though and doesn't regress- hopefully though she'll make it and get a good home eventually. I think she'll be a really pretty cat once this is all over with and her fur goes back - her colors look just like the fancy feast cat's (you know- the pretty silver/white color- whatever that is classified as) and she has gorgeous copper eyes. She's so sweet too- she's just been through the mill. I love her already- i just can't stand to watch her like this.
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Oh my goodness, the poor baby! Vibes for her to recover and start building her strength quickly. I can't even imagine a Persian being on its own for months - I have to keep my Ragdoll's bottom trimmed or he gets poop stuck in his fur. Please keep us posted on this angel's progress.
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Just a little mini update- Persia was waking up enough -so i decided to move her into my guest bathroom with a nice comfy kitty bed and litter/etc for her. She seems to be comming out of the anestesia ok at the moment- but i'm still watching her VERY closely. At the moment though she's stumbling around in there like a little drunk- but still trying to purr and snuggle- she's sooo sweet you guys! If i could keep her i would!!! But since i'm about to adopt a dog to do SAR with i just can't keep her right now So if any of you might be interested in adopting her- please let me know! If not -we'll try to place her thorough the shelter where i work.

She is such a sweet girl, to sweet to have been put through all of this- no kitty deserves to be matted so bad they can't even use the restroom

I will try and get some pictures of her later when she's more awake.
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adding my & for sweet Persia...

i think the "Fancy Feast" cat is a chinchilla/silver Persian... but they are supposed to have green eyes.
from CFA:
“Eye color: green or blue-green. Disqualify for incorrect eye color, incorrect eye color being copper, yellow, gold, amber or any color other than green or blue-green.â€
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
adding my & for sweet Persia...

i think the "Fancy Feast" cat is a chinchilla/silver Persian... but they are supposed to have green eyes.
from CFA:
“Eye color: green or blue-green. Disqualify for incorrect eye color, incorrect eye color being copper, yellow, gold, amber or any color other than green or blue-green.â€
If you want a perfect example of a chinchilla/silver Persian, just click on Duchess who is one of my kitties.

Nikki, I know first hand how hard it is to keep up with Persians. We have three. Tedi is the worst. I finally had to get him shaved because he can't even keep up with himself. He is SO happy now and full of energy. The others I try to brush once or twice a week.

That being said, I can't even begin to imagine how much pain and suffering this cat went through!! That poor cat! Maya has problems with irritable bowel syndrome so sometimes when she goes, it get stuck in her hair and it's a horrible mess. I clean it as soon as I see it because I don't want her to suffer. I usually end up smelling after that.

There is NO way that cat is a stray. They probably didn't keep up with the cat, realized what was happening and couldn't fix the problem and dumped her.

I'm so glad that you were able to clean her up. A few nicks are going to happen as bad as she was, you can't help that. Post some pictures when you can and I hope she is on her way to getting healthy, well-fed and looking pretty again.
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Bless you for your caring for this little soul
I send and hope she finds a wonderful home
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How is poor little Persia today? Bless her little heart, it is amazing that she can still be sweet after what she has been through. It is so good of you to give her so much care and love. I am sure you will find her a great home if you can bear to part with her. for her recovery and a wonderful home.
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That poor, sweet little girl. She's so lucky to have ended up in your care. Sending lots of vibes that she bounces back quickly and a finds a loving home.
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Just a little update on Persia for everyone:

She is back at the shelter- eating and recovering well so far. Her wounds are healing. Tomorrow we're planning to spay her and finish up grooming her (We had to stop last week because she almost died from being out so long- she just wouldn't wake up well.) I took some pictures of her when she was at my house - i'll try and post them when i get a little extra time. She is such a sweet girl. Keep your fingers crossed that she finds the wonderful forever home she truely deserves. She is such a sweet, sweet little girl! I love her already!

Here is her shelter profile with one of her pictures I will be sure to post the other ones i took of her at my house when i get some more time. Please pray she finds a good home soon- that poor girl has been through soo much!
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Poor thing. She deserves some love and a furever home.
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Poor Persia, she looks so sad! I wish you all the best of luck in finding her a good home. What happened to her is so terrible.
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It says the listing is removed I know this thread is a litle old, but do you have any photos/updates on how Persia is doing? I really feel for the poor girl. Vibes for her to keep improving!
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I am devistated Some of you may know from my post in the PL that I am no longer working for animal control anymore after i was horribly mistreated.

Well, on last Thusday at the end of the work day I was about to put Persia in a carrier and take her back home with me to foster her - only right when i was about to do that i found out i lost my job, so i was unable to take her I was planning to take her home and foster her long term (and possibly keep her- i had talked to Colin about it because she would be special needs).
Then I got slammed with loosing my job and had to leave her there. I told them to please call me before they did anything to her that i would come and get her and even wrote my info on her card to call me before E. They of course are a bunch of cold hearted idiots up there and did not- even when they knew she would have had a good home I'm sooo upset!!!!

My former coworker called me today to see how i was (one of my friends- not my rotten bosses) and when i talked to her i asked about Persia and she said they they had put her down in addition to her they euthanized ALL of the cats who were in isolation with a URI intection and all but 4 in the front cat room which were healthy (including persia) I am heart broken and sooo ticked off.

I don't even know what to think about this all. I will NEVER have anything to do with that shelter ever again. I'm furious over it all and devistated that she was put down,espcially when i was about to take her home and foster her again long term
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WOW. (((hugs))). What a**holes. I can't believe they would do that. How long does it take to call you to come up there??? I don't even know what to say. I'm stunned. I'm so sorry this happened.
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Originally Posted by auchick View Post
WOW. (((hugs))). What a**holes. I can't believe they would do that. How long does it take to call you to come up there??? I don't even know what to say. I'm stunned. I'm so sorry this happened.
Me too. I am absolutely torn up over this- it breaks my heart to know that right as i was getting ready to take her back home with me- they let me go and i was unable to. They didn't even call and they knew i would of been up there in a heartbeat even after what they did to me (there's a huge thread about it in the PL) my name and number were on her card and they all knew i would have taken her- yet they chose not to even bother- that's what ticks me off! They were horrible to me there. I only stuck it out as long as i did because i cared about the animals there. I am devistated about Persia. I would have adopted her- Colin and I had already talked about it

I've got some pictures i took of her when she was at my house...i'll post them later in her memory I hate that she got pts....especially when they KNEW i wanted her - they did it just for meanness I hate that place now. I understand why some of the cats were put down- there were some of them with a new strand of URI going around that was not responsive to meds and we had sooo many it was just getting too crowded- so i understand that....but there was NOT a single reason for them to put down Persia- she was not sick! Especially not when they knew she had a home to go to.
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I am so so sorry. That is very mean. Shelters are supposed to give pets a chance not PTS ones that have a home to go to.
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