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Feel better soon vibes for my elderly client

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Usually when I go to "L's" house in the morning she has her garage door open and I enter the house that way. This morning it wasn't open and I didn't remember getting a call saying she would be gone. So I started burning out the garlic mustard for about 40 minutes and when I was done I noticed the door was open.

So I went in the house and she got a call from her neighbor asking how she felt. Long story but they went out to eat last night and somehow "L" stumbled and she fell backwards hitting the back of her head on the pavement.
911 was called and a fire truck and ambulance responded. They took her to hospital and did a cat scan and good checkup and everything was ok!! She has a big gooseegg on her head and a hematoma on her hip which was gone this morning. She said she was bit stiff and took a Vicodan last night and slept well. She goes back to doc tomorrow for a follow-up.

She will be 91 in July and she said she must be indestructable

So some feel better thoughts would be great!!
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Sending for "L". Falls at that age are scary. I'm glad she got off with no more than a goose egg, and hope she doesn't have any delayed reactions.
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Wow!!!! She sounds like a tough ole bird! Hope she's ok!!
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Ouch, hope she's okay!
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Sending tons of vibes her way!
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I can't believe they sent a lady her age home alone with a head injury! Bless her heart, I hope she feels better soon. Bless your heart for watching out for her.
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Hope she's feeling much better soon!
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Oh how scary for her!!! I'm glad she's pretty much ok! I'll pray she's feeling better soon too!
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