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I take meds daily for allergies and Benedryl is always a back up but at this time of year I still can't breathe or see due to the pollen in the air. Is there anyone who has some other remedies for itchy eyes, a nose that always feels like a massive sneeze is coming on, and runny runny sinuses?
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No idea! But I get horribly itchy little raised lumps all over my arms as well from my allergies.

I can't wait until spring is over!
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Bleuch! I've been sneezing non stop as soon as the weather got warmer. I don't have any great remedies, except to say that Bendryl Total seems to work really well for me.
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I've been having horrible issues too! And its just getting worse instead of better!

I hope someone can post some good remedies! I'd love to hear about them
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Well, I'm sitting here with a box of tissues and just took two benadryl. I mean - gosh I have an ionic breeze and take allergy meds everyday - you'd think i'd be ok!
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I have terrible Hay Fever and Allergies too. I take Flonase and Claritin D. My Allergies have bee terrible this yeat. My Eyes and Nose Itch and I Sneeze so much.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
Well, I'm sitting here with a box of tissues and just took two benadryl. I mean - gosh I have an ionic breeze and take allergy meds everyday - you'd think i'd be ok!
Have you ever done sinus rinses? There's a company called NeilMed that sells sachets and a bottle, you put a sachet (which is pretty much just salt) along with hot water in the bottle, shake it up, wait for it to cool a bit, then squirt half of the salty water up each nostril, and it really clears out your sinuses. It's weird at first, but it feels better afterwards

You can get it from most drug stores I believe.
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ew, i don't know if I could do that!
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My son has terrible allergies . he take benadryl and he also take a once daily Aerius. it is non drowsy. It makes a huge difference with him
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i take a Zyrtec every morning, a Claritin every evening, plus a generic version of Flonase... & i still have days like that!
i use Benadryl for a back up - plus sometimes a decongestant like Sudafed or Drixoral can be of some use [when i'm sneezy, i'm also usually stopped up!].
i've found that a wet paper towel/handkerchief can help a bit.
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most of the OTC meds either don't work on me (Claritin and others) or knock me on my bee-hind (Zyrtec, for example)...

a natural thing I do is hit my farmer's market, get some locally harvested honey, and eat a teaspoon a day... it helps build up my immunity to the local pollens...

I can't do nasal rinses/sprays/etc... no way, no how. ain't gonna happen. I haven't been able to get local honey in two years, because I work on Saturdays when the biggest market is open... but i'll be off work for a week (was gonna drive down to CA, but have opted to stay home and clean and rest) over Memorial Day weekend... so I'll get down there then. Until then, I suffer.

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The neti pot works great for sinus congestion!! Make sure you drink plenty of fluid too as that seems to help when I get sinus headaches.

Our spring has been cooler and wetter than usual so the pollens are really a problem yet.
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I knew I saw an "allergies" thread on here.

I just have to vent.

My eyes are killing me. I've never suffered very much from allergies - maybe a little sinus headache now and then - nothing major.

Until this year. I swear, I've never experienced anything like's so frustrating! I wake up in the morning, and my eyes start tearing up and stinging. I put in my contacts and it gets worse! Then I go outside for a run, and the sunlight hurts my eyes! I have to wear sunglasses while running, and they still sting! It's unbearable. (And I hate wearing my glasses, but I might just have to skip the contacts for a few days.)

Along with this, my nose is drippy. But the main thing is the eyes. AAAAAAARGH!!!

I've been taking generic Loratadine in the morning, (which is 24-hour) and a Benadryl at night before going to sleep. I hate taking stuff, but I need to make this stop!!! I got up at 6:45 this morning, and it's taken almost 6 hours for my eyes to feel normal.

I have an appointment with the opthamologist on Tuesday.......just in case it's something other than allergies.

I've heard that this season is super-bad for people with allergies. It must be, if I'm being affected.


Okay......vent is over.
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^I'm glad to see that you have an appoint to get your eyes checked. I'm not sure if allergies would cause photophobia... dry eye would, and that would cause your eyes to hurt in the morning and water a lot. Whenever your eyes are irritated and water the tears will drain into your nose and throat (ever tasted the drops they dilate your eyes with? yuck!), so it is possible you could have an eye problem.

Good luck Tuesday.
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mine are really bad right now - my eyes are mattering big time!
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Well, I ended up taking my contacts out yesterday and spending the rest of the day wearing my glasses and applying cold, wet compresses. Today it's much better, without taking anything the rest of the day yesterday and last night.

I definitely need new contacts, but will talk about all of this with the opthamologist.
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I used to get allergies really, really badly. To the point that when I was on three prescription drugs my teachers would still send me home!

I don't get them as bad anymore, thank goodness, but I have sympathy for those that do. Feel better soon!

What I used to do when they got bad was altnernately use a humidifier (or, when it was bad, I'd just hang my head with a towel over it as close as I could to a pot of boiling water!). To the point that it drenched my face and I felt like I was drowing! Then I'd start to feel like it was cleaning my nose out a little, and it would help. I'd use Vick's at the same time, just like with a cold. Then I'd use an ice pack on my swollen sinuses.

This works best when you have a cold, which is when I started doing it. But then when all those Rxs didn't help my allergies, I did the same thing, and it would give me a little relief. And when you're suffering that badly, even just a little helps!
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