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did you get my message on saturday? I would have just sent you a PM instead of posting a thread, but I sent you one on friday that you haven't opened yet (according to my message tracking) so I thought this might be the best way to contact you.
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Yes, I did get your message on saturday!!!! I wanted so badly to talk to you, but hubby was home all weekend, and I didn't want him to complain about the phone bill....he can be so grumpy!!!

Your voice was so sweet!!!! It matched your personality perfectly!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for calling, maybe I will get a chance to talk to you soon!!!!!!!

I hadn't checked my PM's yet...sorry. I hope you didn't think I was ignoring you!!!!

Maybe I will try to call you in a little bit....he is painting the house , so he'll be outside for awhile!!!
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I don't know if you can call during the day, but if you can call me at work. I sent you the number on PM, and it's an 800 number. also if we set up a time I will call you in the evening. i have a great rate on my long distance (5 cents) and don't mind at ALL

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If you will let me know you want to call me now, I will disconnect from the computer! I also left you a private message!
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call me now!
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