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Cat toy

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I volunteer for a no kill shelter and wow, the price of cat toys is crazy. I happened upon this pattern for a crochet "mouse". Pooh loved it, so now I am trying to make at least one each night before I go to bed (I don't crochet very quickly)
What do you think? Would your cat be fooled?
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My cats would LOVE them.

Well done!
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My Ringo would love them, too. I can just imagine her stalking around the house with one in her mouth!
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they are great!!! Where did you find the pattern?
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lol ours only like the fluffy type could you make it out of fluffy wool?
that may be fun
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How cute! I bet my kitties would love them and the nice thing about it is you can shut it in an air-tight container with cat nip to make them extra fun! Is there anyway you could PM me the pattern?
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oh they are so cute!! keep it up!
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Very cute! I like that idea of marinating them in catnip, too. I expect they'd be a real hit.
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Great idea!

Maisie would be fooled if one was rubbed with a little cat-nip

Kitty said he `doesn`t do cat toys`
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Very Cute! My cats would love that. How wonderful of you to help make some toys for the shelter.
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I found the pattern on one of those pattern-a-day calendars. I just learned to crochet so I mostly look at the pictures. I was very excited to find one that was exactly what I needed and was easy enough for me to do.
I will PM it to both of you who asked for it. I am at work now, so I'll send it from home later!!
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