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New Kitty = sibling rivalry, advice needed :(

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At my household, we're having a case of sibling rivalry, which may or may not be egged on by Dad.

My boyfriend just adopted a shelter kitty on Sunday. I had helped him do all the research about introducing Newcat (no name yet) to our Ink cat, and we (at least ME) were all set on taking the slow and steady route. Isolating in one room, slow introductions over the week, etc. Please note, we don't live together but I'm at his place so often I feel like these are my cats too.

Monday morning, my bf calls me and says "Oh hey, I let Newcat out!" Newkitty had been meowing up a storm and BF, the softie that he is, just had to let him roam free. Since then he has been isolating the two cats during work, but letting them mingle whenever he is at home.

I've seen a big change in Ink's behavior since Monday. Our once loving, snuggly cat just plain avoids us. He watches Newkit like a hawk and takes little bats at him every now and then. I find this quite dismaying but BF is completely charmed by Newkit and refuses to put him back in the kitchen (his designated safe room) and introduce them the proper way. Newkit has already taken Ink's place on BF's bed and on the sofa, and all the while Ink avoids us and just stares at us across the room! BF says "as long as there's no bloodshed, they'll get along eventually and Ink will go back to normal."

Anyway, I'm just worried about Ink and wondering if what my BF says is true. From what I've read these first interactions set the tone for a long time. BF didn't introduce them the "right" way, but do you think Ink will be ok eventually? Or should I push him to re-isolate and re-introduce them? I miss my Ink cat..
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Looks like your BF is guilty of paying attention to the newbie and ignoring his old companion, when he should be doing the opposite. Not that he should ignore the new one but at least treat Ink the same way he did before the arrival of Newkit.
Introduction protocol is not necessary anymore. Ink knows Newkit is there to stay. I think the batting is Ink's way of telling Newkit he was there first. However, your BF is not helping. Cats who feel they are being replaced develop behavior problems.
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Thanks yayi! Yesterday night I made sure BF spent a lot of time with Ink, and we bought him a new toy which he loves..

The two cats seemed to be getting along a little better yesterday (they slept with us in bed, albeit on opposite corners) but this morning Ink pounced on Newkit and batted at him quite a bit. I hope they'll at least be able to tolerate each other soon *fingers crossed*
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