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Don't you think it might do her some good emotionally to see you? Maybe they'd let you visit still tonight?
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Lots and lots of healing vibes to Molly

I just read your post in health and nutrition about the trans tracheal wash. I am glad they got a good sample. We had to have that done with one of our horses, it was much easier and simpler than I expected. I am sorry that she crashed afterward so severely.

I hope you get to visit her soon. that will be good for her and you
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C'mon Molly girl - get well so your mommy can take you home and give you lots of love.
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I am just seeing this thread - lots of vibes for Molly.

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We have a tentative pick-up of 3:30pm. Only 5 more hours to go. She should be off the oxygen at noon. I told them if she wasn't coming home today, we were coming up to visit.

Thank you so much for the vibes. I have been a mess without her. I broke down last night for 2 hours.
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Awwww Bless her I hope you can pick her up today for sure!! Continued vibes
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Oh the poor thing. Glad it looks like you can pick her up today! Praying she does not have another episode.
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Aww she was so cute in the car. When they handed her over she cried that annoyed cry but then she heard our voices and started to talk to us again. I miss my chatty kitty. She sat on my lap on the way home. We also picked up temptation treats for her. I had taken the household off of them a few weeks ago.

The rest of the kitties seem to be much happier now. Cello slept with us for the first time last night. I found him at my feet early this morning. Benson isn't too happy though. He is hissing at everyone and everything.

She is on steriods and antibiotics. The results should be in on Friday. Within two weeks we have to see a regular vet concerning treatment going forward. We also have an inhaler for emergencies so we don't have to rush to the ER everytime she has a coughing fit. (getting the inhaler was a chore in itself since the pharmacists was confused over liquid versus the inhaler).

Thank you for all the vibes, thoughts & prayers. I will update later next week with the test results.
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The toxoplasmosis test is negative!
Just waiting on the wash results.

Had a horrible night. Lucky is in antibiotics for his dental cleaning on Wednesday and he spent the day throwing up. He is finally calmed down around 4am.

Molly did cough once this morning which woke me up. I gave her the inhaler and then the ER doc called to check-in. We are going to give her the steroid pill twice a day and the inhaler once a day for now.

One more week hopefully.
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Awwww the poor girl!

Sending many more vibes for her just in case
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Glad the test was negative More vibes for your sweet girl
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Thank You.

Right now my goal is to get past the next 24 hours without a cat getting sick or calling the ER vet for anything.
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I'm glad she's home! for healthy cats!
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
Thank You.

Right now my goal is to get past the next 24 hours without a cat getting sick or calling the ER vet for anything.
Geesh girl, you must be frazzled
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I apologize for not responding sooner, but I haven't been able to log on to TCS due to WebTV/phone problems, and am just now reading this.

I'm glad to hear that you were able to bring your furbie home, and am sending many vibes for a full & speedy recovery!

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