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I found a rescue to help with my babies!!
My little orphaned babies will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I have been trying to figure out what to do with them as far as finding homes and vet care and all that. We cannot afford their vet care and it is SUPER hard finding great homes for them on our own. We had contacted a rescue group that we work with, and who has helped us in the past with found kitties, but they wouldn't work with us this time. So I've been emailing around trying to find a new rescue...and I got one!! They will be taking care of all their vaccinations, flea meds, s/n, and finding homes while we continue to foster them!!

I am so relieved to know they will be getting all the vet care they need and going to great homes...all while I can also keep watching them grow up!! And now I have new rescue to foster for in the future.

But now something else to worry about...they will be getting tested for FeLV and FIV soon...I am so scared they will be positive!!!