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does anyone walk there kitty?

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I was just wondering if anyon walks their cat on a leash? Can this be done first off? I would like to find a good leash or harness to walk pixel in. She is always curious about the outside.

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I've never tried to walk my kitties on a leash. I don't think they would accept a leash or harness. You might try putting one on them inside a few times first and see how that goes.

I did see this product and am considering purchasing one (although my neighbors may think I'm a nutcase). Not sure if this will work, but its called the kitty stroller and I saw it at DrsFosterSmith

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Leash training is actually quite successful, and many of our members do it. There are a few dozen older posts about it, and about how to accomplish it. Your main concern is to find the right type of harness and make sure it is a good fit, for cats are very adept at wiggling out of uncomfortable or new situations. I would recommend the saf-jacket it is the best one to use. If you go to Meowhoo.com and look up collars, harnesses and id's you will find many sites that offer good durable harnesses for cats.
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Here is a good link

leash training
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Asim and Isha have been trained to walk on a leash since they were about 4 months old (when I got them) they love it for the most part once they get used to it.
I don't take them out as often as I used to however.

I've also had a couple other cats leashed trained.

It's a lot of fun IF your cat accepts it. But just be aware some cats will BEG to go out all the time once they start this process, just like an indoor/outdoor cat (off leash) will sometimes demand to go outside.
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Hi, Slipstream!

Could you look at my pictures? (click below?) There is a pic of Daisy at the park with a leash and harness.

i got those from Petco. Actually, i put them on on Daisy, in case she decided to go wandering off herself. So, for precautionary measure, i put on a leash and a harness on her.

i think kitties react differently to leash and harness. With Daisy, i can tell she is not that crazy about it. However, i guess she did not struggle much at the park, as it was a thrill for her to see the vaste green land, and to watch so many birds at one time!

i practiced walking her with a leash and harness at home. You know, just put on the leash and harness and walk her around the house.

With Venus, i have yet to try those things on her. We take them out pretty frequently : short car rides to grocery stores, kitty shopping, restaurants, and i only put on their collars with tags.

Oh yes, it is important to MICROCHIP your kitty as well (in case your kitty runs away and found by someone else, it is easier to trace You (THE OWNER) that way.)

So, in conclusion, you could try it at home, and a little outside. If your kitty struggles and seems unhappy, you know it is a no-no.

Only personal opinions that i am airing, of course ...

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Our cat goes outside on a leash every day. I started that when he was about 4 months old and had had all his shots. At first I put the harness on him for just a few minutes, and then played with him to distract him. As soon as he got used to it I added the leash, and after practicing in the house for a day or two took him outside. The Safkat harness Hissy recommended looks great. Make sure any harness you get is sturdy and easy to put on. I use a dog harness, because it has an extra vertical strap that runs between the front legs.
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I walk Russell.

Though I must say that walking a cat is not like walking a dog even after training it. There will be times when Russell decides to munch on grass, stare at the ants as they crawl into his fur while wondering what they are , or crouch down low to observe the birds before walking again. And if he feels the need, he takes a dirt bath which results in a tick bath afterwards, (we have a VERY bad tick problem).

But the rewards are worth it. It is fun. It's always nice to be one of the select few who have the patience to walk a cat.
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I make sure I have some reading material with me when I take Jamie for a walk, because he often decides to crouch behind a bush for 15 or 20 minutes to watch the birds or to wait for a garter snake or shrew to make a big mistake. On weekends I sometimes put him on a fixed lead with a "lawn spike" and correct tests or prepare lessons out in the yard, where I can supervise him. I used to use a lead for cats, but after he managed to break three of them I bought one for dogs. I also use a dog leash for him, because he can snap the hooks on the cat leashes quite easily. The neighbors used to think it was hysterical when I took him out on the leash, but in the meantime we have another cat, a rabbit and a minipig on our street that also go for walks on a leash.
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