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Update on Ted's mom [Long!]

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Ted's mom is at it again ! She made friends with someone has thier own phone,and is letting her use it,she called 4 times Friday 2 times Saturday,crying and begging Ted to come get her.He went down yesterday as he allways does,she lashed out at him,then begged him to bring her home,when he said he would't she told him to leave and not come back! About 10:00 PM last night we got a phone call from the nurse,she attacked her roonmate!She said because she turned on a light. They got her calmed down after about a half hour,told her if she does anything like that again,she whould be given a shot to put her to sleep!I think she thinks if she is bad,they will send her home,but they would't do that,they would just drug her. I don't know what to do with her,she is never coming here to live again! Sorry this is so long,I just needd to rant!
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I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. It must be very hard for you and Ted... but giving in would not be the best thing. Can you discuss this issue with the management and see if they have any suggestions, or resources that you could use?
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we are going down in a while,to find out what we can do.Going to talk to the Dr. hopefuly he can tell us something. Thanks for caring!
P.S. Will let you know.
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Vent away Sherral - I can see your frustration.

Maybe she needs some mental support from the hospital (either talks or medication or both). I hope the dr. has some answers for you.
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I am sorry you are still having such a rough time with Ted's mom - I totally understand your frustration.
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sherral - i am so sorry that this is still going on. (((hugs))) to you...
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OMG - I am truly sorry you all have to go through
this! It's so hard on both parties because it makes both sides misserable.
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