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Question of the day - May 8th :)

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Happy Thursday!

How did you get the current job you have right now? Would you be happy if you had that job until you retired? If not, what job would you love to take right now if it were offered to you?
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I got my job through what was called the careers centre for all school/college leavers. I'm planning on doing early retirement in a couple of years so i think i'll be happy until then
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I got my current job through a temp service. I started as a temp just doing paperwork, then once they saw that I was pretty smart, they offered me a different job in the same department.

I'd probably be happy for a while, as long as they offered me a promotion or more pay or something. It's a good company to work for.

If I was offered a marketing job that paid well I'd probably take it, but I don't see that happening... My husband is trying to start his own business though!
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I'm currently a stay at home kitty and puppy mom. I'm thrilled with that job!

Unfortunately, it's time I start looking for a "real" job again, which I'm really not looking forward to. I'd love to work at an animal shelter again, but none in my area are hiring. I have my degree to be a veterinary assistant, but again, no vets are hiring. So it looks like fast food or grocery stores are going to be my only option for awhile.
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No way! I work at a coffee shop right now. I live in a small town and I would rather not drive 30 miles to work in a city for minimum wage. Gas is WAY to expensive for that. I'm waiting to get my BA and then I will get a better job in Iowa City most likely.

I am searching for a better job here in town though.
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I got my job when I married David and I plan on retiring here too
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currently im starting my own buisness, just got my first potential client yesterday! I dont know if ill do it forever or if it will morph into something more
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cool question my friend!...

after to work in a CO by 8 years and don´t see more to grew up ( I mean $$$ ) I decide to quite and thanks to God I find this job like Management of Credits in a Loan CO, currently I have 2 years and half doing this work, is great, It let me to grew up knowing at the persons, but I saw a couple of opportunities in other place of course there represent a improve in $$$ so I apply my CV and actually I´m waiting for the calls1......

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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I got my job when I married David and I plan on retiring here too
How can I get a job like yours?
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Happy Thursday!
Happy Thursday, BTW!...

what about you my friend?...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
Happy Thursday, BTW!...

what about you my friend?...
I forgot to answer, didn't I?

I got this job as an Office Manager, when I found the ad in the paper
I was working then as a Finance Manager at a car dealership & hated the long hours, weekends & 40 minute drive every other day to the head dealership. I applied, got an interview on my birthday last year & hired 3 days after!
I wouldn't mind being here until I retired, although thats a long ways off!
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NO WAY I would keep my job! It's a deskjob (which I hate) but it has great benefits and helps pay the bills! I cannot wait to get out of it! They begged me to work here, and I didn't have to apply or interview or anything!!!

Basically a year a and a half ago I graduated from college....and 6 weeks before graduation I figured out what I had worked towards throughout college (going to PT school) I actually hated. So that left me with a degree and not knowing what to do! Since then I have worked "stupid" jobs just to pay bills until I figure out my life, this is the first one that actually has benefits! Well I have always wanted to work with animals but never pursued it b/c of the pay (silly me, the $$$ for other careers was so appealing so I never considered my passion).

So now I am going back to school next year for zoo animal technology!

I guess if someone offered a job today that I could do now without any school or would be...animal trainer, zookeeper, obedience/agility trainer, guide dog trainer, owner/worker of a rescue, wildlife rehabilitator...basically anything with animals

GREAT question!

Happy Thursday everyone!!
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I was hired on because I was related to the boss. I will retire when the boss retires. I have no desire to continue on or own the business.

I would love to be back in the medical field again.
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A friend knew I was looking, knew of a position coming up that might be a fit, said off-handedly to me "Did you know M******* is retiring?" "Um, no?" "You should give her call and see about applying?" "Oh! Really? Thanks, I will." And the rest is history.

That was 28 years ago, and I'm not that far from retirement -- a few years at most -- so I'm not contemplating any job changes at this point.
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I got into my job by walking in off the street and starting as a volunteer
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I am a graduate student teacher at my university. I was awarded my assistantship when I was accepted into graduate school. I've been teaching freshman history courses this past academic year and I've really LOVED it! However, my assistantship terminates at the end of this semester as I am close to graduating, so I'm off to do something new. Who knows what is up next for me?!?! I would love to get a permanent teaching position, but since I went the graduate school route rather than teacher certification, I'll only be able to get on at private schools and/or community colleges. Those jobs seem to be few and far between. Maybe I'll try something entirely new and luck into something that I love just as much...
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Well this is the third year of being my own boss. I do landscaping/gardener for hire.
I really like my current clients and like spending their $$ on plants. However my yard is a bit neglected as I am usually too tired to work in it. I would like more clients though to keep the income a bit more steady. But its only seasonal here in WI April-beginning of November.

I don't see me doing this for more than five years though as I will be 55 and will need to do something a bit less stressful on my body!!
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I got my job because no one will take a job that pays so little & is so stupid.

I hate it, getting out of there ASAP.

I want a clerical job.
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I am still looking for a Job. I quit my last one when we Moved here. They asked me to work a extra 2 weeks and it was a 2 Hour Drive but ended up being a 4 Hour Drive at comute time. I was there over 15 years and was Operations Mgr. Everyone has quit because it was a bad place t work.
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I got my job through my landlord. He`s a builder and I work for him doing painting and decorating of the 2 big victorian houses above my flat ( 24 bedrooms, lots of messy people and people coming and going so there are always rooms, bathrooms, stairs to paint and I only work 8:30-1)

Hope not to be doing this forever. Would love to do something involving photography/animals.
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i don't currently have a job, as am disabled. however, my dream job would either be a singer, or a nail technician!
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I got my job after quitting a previous job and my boyfriend put in a good word for me. He worked for a cell phone company that had a little booth inside of a store and he knew the managers of the store. He basically got me the interview, and I got myself the job (and a promotion after only a few months there). I am currently a cashier supervisor, but I also work at the customer service desk sometimes and I really hate it.

I don't plan on working there much longer. I want to go back to school and get a job as either a photographer or a vet tech.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Happy Thursday!

How did you get the current job you have right now? Would you be happy if you had that job until you retired? If not, what job would you love to take right now if it were offered to you?
I got my current job in many ways. I would not be happy working that until I retired, it isn't a bad job by any means, it just isn't me for long term, I do like the staff and environment and am happy for the time being. I have tried so many different fields and have various degrees, but my one favorite job of all would be a stay at home mom! People don't believe that when they hear my education, they say I am not wanting enough, but I know what I want. I used to think it was money, the bottom line was what mattered; however as I got older I understood money wasn't what I needed as much as I needed to love what I do and love it with all my heart. People spend a heck of a lot of time at work, it needs to be enjoyable. At least for me.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Happy Thursday!

How did you get the current job you have right now? Would you be happy if you had that job until you retired? If not, what job would you love to take right now if it were offered to you?
manpower tech.
nope hate this place.
i just want to go back overseas and run my coffee shops.
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I got my current job through MUCH persistence, as well as some help from friends I made before getting here. I work in an environmental chemistry laboratory doing prep for mercury analysis. I applied to the company SEVEN times over the course of a year and a half.

My husband worked here for about 4 years when I started applying (he had dabbled in field services, geophysics, and stack testing here, before going to work in the metals lab). Through him, I met people that worked here as well. I had another job when they finally called me in for an interview, using a year-old application (instead of the most recent ). I got a job in the sample management department and logged in/returned/pulled samples for the lab people. After a year and 7 more internal applications, I got a job in the metals lab, and then in November, someone left the lab due to pregnancy and I was moved to Mercury (which is sort of a promotion, since now I handle everything myself in this area - in metals there are 4 other employees). Supposedly my current team leader helped in me getting a job in both the company, and then in metals. Another guy who has worked here 20+ years who knew me for a year or so before I got hired had also gave good word about me after my interview. And hubby did as well, of course!

I dont know if I'd want this job until retirement, seeing as I'm only 21 right now and retirement is a ways from now!! (Although Rob and I say we want to retire by 40-45 ). I do love my job though (it's the job I've stayed at the longest, other than my "unofficial" job working for my dad on cars when I was younger) and don't see myself leaving any time soon. They pay rather well, and seeing as I dont even have a chemistry degree, that's pretty good! I'm not sure if there is a job that I would give it up for right now.

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I had been working for several years as a Surgical Technologist in Lansing, and going through a nasty divorce. I really wasn't able to support myself very well, I was 2 hours away from family, and all alone (my husband was sleeping with my best friend...or should I say, ex-best friend!) My mother, who never reads the newspaper, happened to be looking through the classified ads one night and saw a position for a Surgical Technologist at the hospital in my home town. I applied, and was hired two weeks later. I've been here ever since! I went back to school for my BSN several years ago, but decided that floor nursing wasn't my cup-o-tea! I knew that my first (and only) love was the Operating Room. Yes, I will be in the O.R. until I retire!!!
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I loved being a massage therapist, but had to let my license go after finding my education, hard work, and 3 hours of commuting every day would not support the cats, much less myself and my SO if it ever came to that. There is just no money in it here. I still work on friends because I love it, but cannot do it for money since my license has lapsed and I don't have the approximate $1000 it would take by now to get my continuing education, get relicensed, etc.
My job with Directv started out great and had benefits, but they are in Chapter 11 and fired over half of their employees in such a sneaky way we may not even be able to get unemployment. That is a horrible company, and make you lie to your customers, and their ads are just plain lies, even the fine print. It made me sick to go there after awhile.
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I was recommended for the job I have now by a former boss. I worked for this gentlemen as an aministrative assistant for 5 years before he retired..When he was asked by my present boss if he knew of anyone who could help get his business organized when he first started out 15 years ago I was suggested and the rest is history.

I do plan on semi-retiring is a couple of years..I like my job however it is very time-comsuming if I had married or had children I certainly wouldn't have been at it this long.
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