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Still no kitties!

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My cat has yet to got into labor. However last night she jumped up on me and had these weird, very weird "contractions" then she almost threw up but still no labor. I am so anxious to have these babies. I found a cat due date calender and if she got Pregnant on the 11th of March which is what we are assume. (The day she ran away, and was lost for 2 weeks) she is due around the 14th of May... SO SOON! Cant wait...

Ill keep everyone updated, and pics of course...

Wish us tons of luck.. First experience with this.
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GL it will be a race to see who goes first. yours is a bit harder to judge since she was gone for 2 weeks but I would go by when you first felt movement and say 2 weeks from then or so.... But does sound like sometime next week.
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sounds very soon. My cat had "slight" contractions for a few days before labor, but the day of labor I could not get her out of my lap and I could feel each contraction hard as a ball start at her rib cage and then work it's way down. She had those from 8am till 3pm when she finally had a kitten!
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Ty both. I felt really hard movement about 10 days ago. The big kicking and moving.. Today she is very very lovable. She keeps right at my leg, or in my lap, she has been doing this for pretty close to 14 hours.. she isn't eating a lot, but still eating and drinking. My daughter says she has "goo" coming from her private area, and she keeps licking, so maybe she is in active labor now?!?!?
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would think it is a bit too soon for active labor since she was only out 59 days ago for the first day..... IK they say 58-70 days but most I hear are at least 63 days. I am guessing you still have at least 4 days left.

Angel cleans often but not a ton and I haven't noticed anything comming out yet.... but then day 63 for her isn't until next wed so 6 more days......
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Yeah your right.. That means that I have anywhere from 4-11 days left, oh my, I don't know if I can make it. lol She is sleeping now and no signs of labor that we can tell. She is Huge, I wonder how many she has in there.
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