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Monday's DT

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Good morning,everyone!It is going to be a nice day 58* Don't know what I am going to do today,it is to early to decide 5:30 AM Hope everyone has a nice day!
God Bless the USA ! Support our troops !
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Slept a little later, today. When I got up, I heard a pathetic little "mew", coming from the back room. Rowdy had slipped in there, when Bill was dishing up dog food and had been shut in. She was only in there about an hour.

She has been bugging me and doing her "Mommy I'm starving" song-and-dance. Her bowl is half-full!

It will be up in the 80s today. I need to go to the library and cigarette store. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't even get dressed.

Have a good one!
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It's a very special day for me Took a pregnancy test this morning and guess what - I'm pregnant! Yoohoo!

It's still very early and I have had a miscarriage before so I know it's still quite risky - but what can I tell yah - I'm happy
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OMG Anne! I'm so happy for you! Congrats and I wish you the very best of luck!
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Congratulations Anne! Thats wonderful news. Now Ron will have a little brother or sister.
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Anne I am so happy for you!Hope all goes well!!!
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Congratulations, Anne. Take care of yourself.
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Congratulations Anne!! What happy news to see on Monday morning!
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Awww! That's great Anne! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
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Anne - I'm so delighted for you!!!! And very brave of you to share it with the world so early on.

Look after yourself, and lots of love.
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All theses pregnant ladies!!!

Woohoo ~

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congrats, anne!
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Well I've had a very up down day this time. But right now it's also 58, nice and sunny, that always picks up my spirits!

Had to bring my daughter in for a physical this morning so I could get her back into daycare, but apparently there is a problem with the cars brakes. I should have known, lil jinxed Angel. :tounge2: I swear this car was fine just the other day, lol. To make it worse it's my fiance's boss's car.

So not having a car kind puts a damper on anyones plans. I'm trying to get MY car taken care of, it will be $241 for the registration, tax, tags, license and inspection alone for Maryland! I just hope I don't have to fork over another $600 in car repairs to bring it up to par, when my car isn't even worth that much haha.

But I had one upside today, I have a job interview coming up on Thursday for a job that's easy for me to do, and the supervisors seem pretty nice, and understanding of parents who have kids! I hope I get the job, hope hope hope!
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Originally posted by Lhezzza
All theses pregnant ladies!!!

Woohoo ~

WAAAYYY too many pregnancy hormones, flying around this board!!!
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Indeed, CONGRATS, Anne!!

i am so happy for you, Anne.. you have so many great tidings coming your way!!

God bless you and God bless the world!

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Angel, just want to write especially to wish you the best for the job interview - be yourself, exude confidence, be positive!!

Hope you will get that job, Angel, and sending my best wishes!!

Hugs and kisses! --- oh Venus and Daisy sends their too!

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Oh, I'm staying the heck away from that water. Finally, I have an excuse to drink soda!

Congrats, Anne! Hope everything goes smoothly!
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Congratulations, Anne! That's great!
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CONGRATULATIONS ANNE! finally some good news in a time of such sorrow and dispair!
I'm jealous of all the job offers you guys are getting! I want one too! I've been looking for a new job but I haven't been able to find anything that is near what I make both in money and benefits. So I'm stuck in a horrible place with horrible people!
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Originally posted by WillieWZ
Oh, I'm staying the heck away from that water. Finally, I have an excuse to drink soda!
:laughing: I'm with you on that one!!
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I am a little late to be posting on Monday's thread but I wanted to say congrats Anne ( and show me to that watter - I'll drink it all)
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