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Prayers for my Friend

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She beat Breast Cancer an now this.

Meet with doc

ok it's sepsis, some type of infection that is in her body. the doc feels like she has a 75% chance of making it. Now that's not an awesome number but we've been in worse so that number to me isn't so bad.

The doctor expects her to get worse over the next day or 2 BUT the hope is after that she may improve. It sounds like the next 5 to 6 days are going to be the most critical. If she can get through the next 5 to 6 days and her health improves over those days then her chances will improve. the doctor did stress that her type two diabetes does make things more complicated

She is semi awake. She can tell we are there and acknowledged our presence. She isn't breathing on her own right now.

They are giving her a CT scan tonight to get a more complete diagnosis

dad and i have gone to the hotel for the night

Posted by Darren Coleman at 9
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Oh no... many healing thoughts flying to your friend. May her immune system kick into gear and overwhelm this thing...
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I know how hard it is dealing with diabetes - we literally watched my grandmother fade away because she wasn't strong enough to fight off her illness with the diabetes playing a large part in her health Your friend sounds much MUCH stronger than that - she beat breast cancer!! I'll send you all the I can muster and I'm sure she'll beat this too!
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..that´s is awful my friend, I´m so sorry for her

for her,....
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Sending many vibes her way!
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Many vibes and prayers for your friend
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I have not heard anything today. I hope she will be ok. When she had breast cancer the Radiation burned her Lungs. She has had breathing problems ever since.
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Your friend is in my prayers.
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Your friend and her family are in my thoughts. for everyone!
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Thanks to everyone. I am scared she might die.
Here is a Update.
Thursday, May 8, 2008

They did a CT scan in the area of her stomach last night looking for an infection but didn't find anything. So it looks like it's all coming from the lungs.

She doesn't look worse today which is good.

On strong antibiotics to catch anything that maybe in her system

Still on breathing assistantance
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for your friend.
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