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dumb question about fish.

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i have several gold fish.(they where supposed to be feeder gold fish, heh but i am not paying 5 dollars for a fish)

anyway, i started out with a small tank, now up to 40 gallon tank, casue well feeder goldfish, get ALOT bigger then i thought and gold fish are alot dirty then i thought for something that lives in water.

anyway i noticed the other day when i sitting there and talking to them.. That the 3 of them come to the side of tank and was watching.. naw that is crazy.

i have done twice more, and both times, they did the same thing. am i going crazy(oh wait i am ready crazy) but have anyone else noticed this?
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sounds kewl... I had a betta who did tricks and my pleco knows his name... so I am a looone
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lol the have names.
fish 1
fish 2
fish 3...

really for feeder gold fish, they really do look cool.
i dont like the fancy gold fish, the one with bumps on there head.

i have picked up several Black Moor, but the seem to always die on me.
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If it makes you feel better bruce, my telescope goldfish's name is "sir winston churchill" and he is spoiled rotten for a fish
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I know that a lot of fish have personalities, but since fish are "just fish," people don't tend to bring it up very much, unless you're at a fish forum.

One of my Bettas has the most personality of the 3 Bettas I have. Every time I go by his tank, he comes right up to the front and starts flaring and darting back and forth. If he doesn't flare, he's swimming eagerly like he's expecting food. If I stick my finger in there, maybe to rub away algae or just to see what he does, he'll peck away at it. First time he did that, it scared me so much that I actually screamed, yanked my hand out of there with force, and Sweeney darted away in fear as the water swished back and forth from the motion of my hand flying out. But now I expect it and I actually enjoy it, lol. It gets annoying, though, when I'm trying to feed the African Dwarf Frogs, which requires an eye dropper or turkey baster, depending. Sweeney knows there's food in there, so he's always hovering around the opening and pecking away at it so that all the food that comes out ends up in his mouth before the frog can get anything. Fortunately for the frogs, they're fiesty little things, and they get ticked off, and they'll nip at him and chase him away from their precious food.

I also have Loaches (4 Yoyos, 3 Clowns) and I've seen personality from them, too. Especially one of the Clowns. That ones definitely the Alpha, and he hoards the food. He'll be waddling around, fat as a pregnant woman (you know what I mean), while the other two, MUCH slimmer boys bow down before the big kahuna. On that note, Sweeney is a pig, too. So's Molly the cat... And Buffy... And Jake my dog is bad, too (he rivals Molly's piggyness, lol). Why do I always end up with the pigs regardless of species? :P
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cool story
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I think fish to get attached to their owners. My Oscar won't leave the glass if I go sit by the tank. He was so funny when I was taking pictures because he would swim right up to the lense

Betta's are also known for being very friendly.
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We had a goldfish that would start getting active about the time my dad would come home from work. He always stopped and said hello to the fish.

Some guy taught his fish "tricks". They had the video on Good Morning America.
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my fish do the same thing, but i think its because they associate us with food
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I had a rescued feedere goldfish once! My ex had a blue lobster and this goldie just managed to elude her all the time and then he got too big for her to ever catch and the ex was just gonna flush him! Of course I wouldn't have this, so I saved him... his name was Shark Bait (think Finding Nemo... this fish loved to swim through bubbles) and he would come to the top of the tank to have his head pet! He'd also "give kisses" but of course that was just cuz he though my finger was food... but he'd let the cat pet him too... he was really cool... my tank had an outbreak of black spot though and I couldn't save him, plus he was getting way big for my tank and I had no opportunity of a bigger place to move him... when he did pass, I stuck him in my freezer at school and then brought him home over break to bury him, he was the coolest...

Now I have 2 fancy fantail goldies (they were a gift a few years ago)... not the lionheads with the big bumps on them, but the smaller ones with the pretty fins
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I have 2 gold fish and ricky bought 2 yesterday im a big fan of goldies since i can remember, theyre full of personality,
we got a butterfly plec with ours hes sooo pretty
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Fish can hear underwater Did you see the video about the trained goldfish who does all kinds of things. The guy has a website and will sell his instructions and tips on how to train them.

He says if you train an hour a day, your goldfish will learn to do amazing tricks in about 2 months
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Fish can hear underwater Did you see the video about the trained goldfish who does all kinds of things. The guy has a website and will sell his instructions and tips on how to train them.

He says if you train an hour a day, your goldfish will learn to do amazing tricks in about 2 months
Haha I think I'm totally satisfied with mine just swimming and begging for food My dog and cat do the tricks in this house lol
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Fish are a lot smarter and cooler than most people assume. =) My two bettas come up all the time to see me when I go to their tank.
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