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It's time!!!

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well she definitely has alot of discharge now...she is extremely clingy and restless and very vocal when I leave her room. Back and forth, in and out of her box. She has been contracting noticeably for the past hour or so. We are having heavy storms tonight, don't know if that brought it on. I have my little med kit with alcohol for sterilizing, bedadine(povidone-iodine), scissors and thread just in case and lots of extra rags and towels. Am I missing anything? What exactly should I expect next? I read that I should just stand back from the door and let her do her thing without interupting, but she doesn't want to be away from me. I don't want to distress her any more than I have to, what should I do?
Thank you to anyone that replies...
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some cats want you close and if she does then be with her. you just need to follow HER needs and what she wants.

GL can't wait to hear more but will have to read in the morning. how many days is she do you know?
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i know that it was around the first week in march...not exact.
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I would take cues from your momma-to-be...I think she really wants you there with her from your description. I would sit on the floor and watch, pet her, and talk to her. I have always done this, and seems to work well. They sense when you are calm, and the calmness in your voice in reassuring her she's ok etc. Just make sure to stay with her just in case

Oh, and have fun!! Get the camera ready!!

Good luck!!

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I am around a week behind you I guess then. Mine was March 13th that I saw her mating but she also got out on the 12th.... so guessing she is due mid next week to the beg. of the week after. The wait is killing me and PRAYING she doesn't have them on the weekend since we aren't home! LOL already worried about that. would LOVE for her to have them around day 63 or even 64 which would be next wed or thurs. heheee.

take lots of pictures to share!
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I wish the best for the upcoming birth!!!!
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lol... have already been taking pics! hope my batteries last! i have been taking turns with my husband, she seems to be ok with that. It looks like it is going to be a long night!
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ok just in from the very heavy, kinda clear, was dark earlier...and doesn't smell all that wonderful, but I assume that is to be expected?
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she just pushed out a black bubble, for lack of better words,that popped and is now pushing a clear one out. is this normal...this is my first time you hadn't noticed.
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yep... Bubble comes first usually
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