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went out yesterday too the shops and puled a muscle in the top of my legs,
anyone suggest any excersises too tame it?
or med's i cant move at the moment as my knees are playing up too
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I would give it a day or 2 before exercising it. Thigh muscles are huge and hard to heal. Moist heat can be very helpful. There is a product called Biofreeze, it is a little pricey, but it is the best pain rub ever. You can usually get it from a drugstore,(you may have to ask for it)a spa that offers massages often sells it, or a medical supply house.
If you have someone that can do it for you, have them stand beside you and knead the muscle gently, like making bread. You can also do it yourself, starting at the knee, thumb in, other fingers spread across your thigh, and knead gently, or if you can stand it, a little more firmly. Use some lotion or oil. Good old fashioned Epsom Salt soaks are also good for pulled muscles, just be very careful getting in and out of the tub. I hope this helps.
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I agree you should rest a while before doing anything. Try and make a call to a massage therapist - some of them make house-calls. It's probably best to get a pro to sort it out rather than try and massage it too much yourself, you'd be surprised at the damage you can cause. You can also talk to your doctor and a muscle relaxant - I take them from time to time when my neck gets stuck (yes, it IS hilarious when I finish up stuck looking in one direction and having to sit sideways to be able to see the TV! ) they work wonders! It's enough to lossen the muscle and give it time to heal. My problem is that once that muscle is pulled, it tends to go into spasm, which causes more pain, which causes more spasms, and again more pain.... so I have to take a relaxants to break that cycle. Perhaps that's an option?

Whatever you choose to do, get better soon!
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It would be best if you could get a massage therapist to work on it, but this is what I tell my clients to do until I can get to see them or they can get to me. I am a licensed massage therapist. I don't tell them to do anything that would hurt if it does not help.
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I'm guessing the systems are slightly different between the U.S and the U.K - my mother is also a licensed massage therapist and they've been taught that sometimes more harm can come from inexperienced hands.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
Moist heat can be very helpful. There is a product called Biofreeze, it is a little pricey, but it is the best pain rub ever.
DO NOT ever put heat on an injury in the first 48 hours!! This will make it worse, even if it feels good while the heat is on! Use ice to begin with! Biofreeze is also great for pain but it will not help you get better, it will just cover up the pain.
Use ice and rest in the beginning. Also do some light stretching of the muscles (do not push it too much in the beginning)...you can use Google to find stretches. Once the pain start to get better you can get back to some light exercises. DO not overdue with the exercising,even if it feels better you need to take it slow.

After the initial 2 days of rest and ice, please use heat before stretching and exercise and ice afterwards!!
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went to bed woke up and today it seems better, i guess time will tell
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