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TCS Meetup: Oregon/Washington?

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Okay... we talked about it last year... and summer passed us by without one.

Now, us Portlanders (and surrounding area) can start small... I know there's a few of us around here. And if anyone from a little further out wants to join us, they may do so.

I figure a Sunday afternoon or something... I work weekends, so it makes things difficult. I can ask for a Sunday off, I can't do that so easily on Saturday (different jobs). Now, things may change by then, but I can't count on that.

So, who's interested? If you are, do you have any ideas about where we could meet that's budget friendly (I know at least two of us are limited of income)? We aren't going to pick McCormick and Schmicks... as much as I think it would be nice, until I in the lottery, I can't afford that place (and if i won, I'd treat everyone).

Old Wives' Tales close-in NE is all-diet friendly, but I've never been there, so I don't know how nice they are on the budget. Although my geek friends go there on occasion, so it must not be too $$$.

Any other ideas? A small picnic in the park? Potluck picnic? Once folks have posted in here saying yea or nay and maybe given some ideas, I'll do a second post/poll with ideas and dates.

Speaking of dates: I'm thinking late June, early July. Here's a few dates, let me know what you think. These are all Sundays. Another possibility is Saturday evening... I get out of work at 3:30 on Saturdays... out in Sherwood...

June 22nd
June 29th
July 6th

So, any takers? Anyone interested?

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i'm going to be in Puyallup, WA near the end of July... it's about an hour's drive or so from Seattle/Tacoma...
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Puyallup is about three hours from Portland... I know, because I've been up there twice for the big Sewing Expo held there. What I'm thinking is that if we want it bigger, and there are folks from southern/eastern Oregon, as well as from up north, Portland is kinda central.

When this idea was bounced around last time, someone posed the question about making it more central between Seattle and Portland... but that may leave out anyone from south of Portland...

We can certainly do later in July, if you want. If there are others from the Seattle area who want to come down, you guys could carpool (if you trust each other enough... some people don't want to carpool with complete strangers), to save on gas... but we'll see how things go with anyone else...

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I will have to see where I am when I deliver Da Boyzz!
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I will be in Southern Oregon near the end of July/beginning of August...Probably couldn't make it up to Portland though...
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I wish there were more people around Iowa!
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I'm bumping this up so others around the Northwest can see it...

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I am over near SPokane so I might make a little road trip
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