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Throwing up mucus!!!!

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Okay, so we all know Dinah likes to eat rubber (ie: rubber bands, hair ties, swimsuit strings, etc.) I think she ate a hair tie last night. Now she is throwing up mucus.... What do I DO!!!
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Call your vet immediately is my first thought.

If your vet is closed is there an emergency vet you can call?
I would be worried about a blockage.
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I also think a trip to the vet is necessary. I would be very worried about intestinal blockage.
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Call the Vet or go to Er. Sounds like she could be blocked. You need to hide the stuff she goes after too.
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Well, we went to the vets first thing this morning and Dinah is staying there for obsercation. They took an xray of her belly and sure enough she has a few hair ties floating around in there. The vet said it looks like they are past the stomach. They are going to keep her there and then xray later to see if it has moved. If they feeel that it will not come out she has surgery tomorrow morning.... I am so worried about her! The surgery is going to cost almost $1000.00!!! So I am praying it will just pass!!! Vibes for her to pass the hair ties please!

And I make it a point to keep everything picked up, but I also live with an irresponsible 12 year old and no matter how many times I have stressed that her carelessness may kill the cat if she continues to be so irresponsible....
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So sorry about your kitty's blockage! Praying for a quick and fast passage of the hair ties!!!
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Young people just don't understand that sometimes their carelessness can have disastrous outcomes.

Sending vibes that the ties pass without surgery.
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Sending vibes that the ties pass without surgery.
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I'm so sorry to hear this -- many good thoughts for little Dinah! And I'm showing this thread to my mother, who just will not stop using rubber bands to close cracker boxes and so forth in the kitchen. AUGH! I'm tossing out her whole rubber band stash right now!
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Lots more vibes for your baby.
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Have you heard anything yet?

More vibes for your baby
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I'm glad you got her to the vet! Those were exactly Elsa's symptoms when she had a blockage. They actually had to take out some of her intestine!
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