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Another cat signature on me

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Oh boy, while I was reading my email, Yon decided to jump on my lap from a table one meter away from the computer. I moved my arm at the wrong time blocking her midair. She ended up digging her claws on my arm and slid down to the floor. The cuts are deep. Shoot, the scars will take so long to disappear. They might as well be permanent.
The gash on my foot from another cat incident has been there for almost a year already.
Oh well, better me than the furniture.
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When I was younger, a stray dog got into our backyard one night. I was out on the deck with Joyce, so I scooped her up. The dog came running over and Joyce made her escape, and left a dotted scar pattern from my thumb up my forearm. Joyce died when I was 16, so I kind of like that I have her mark on me forever :-)

Also, my very special boy Frank, in his late years, begin to sieze, where he would bite at himself, until he would bleed. The first time I saw him do this, I quickly put my hand over where he was biting, and instead, I was bit! This was not in his nature at all, but he couldn't help it He bit right through my finger, and I still have the scar. Only a few months after failed treatments of these siezures did we have to put him to sleep. I still have that scar too :-)

To me, they're very special tattoos! :-D
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i have a really nice signature from Java. i was in bed, light off, stroking my lovely girl... when something spooked her [who knows what - she spooks easily!]. she took off - launching herself w/her back feet [full claws!!!] off of my left ear! cut me in two places on my ear, plus a small one near my hairline on my forehead. bled like crazy - head wound, you know.
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i have a couple on my leg also, where heyu missed a jump
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I have a very faint one on my wrist where I was holding Beauty and something panicked her.
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ouch! I have some signatures from my kitties too, but sadly the furniture has a lot of them too.
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