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Church's new outdoor (garden) photos

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I wanted to take some new photos of Church because he is growing so fast... He's about 6.5 months old now and almost 9 pounds.
I decided to take him out in the front and see if I could get any photos of him in front of our tulips in the garden. He loves going out on the harness but he's so busy exploring it's hard to get him to stay still for photos!

Here are the ones that turned out ok.

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He is a very handsome boy!
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He's gorgeous And he's certainly taking in all the new smells and sounds there
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what gorgeous piccies he is lovely
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oooh what a gorgeous boy!! He IS growing up fast - how old is he now? He looks like he's really enjoying the garden
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Aw, Church is so handsome.
Pretty flowers too.
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handsome boy!!! And really good pics, too!!
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He's adorable, he's going to be a big boy
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He is just gorgeous! I love those white feet!!
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I've been trying to figure out how large Church will turn out to be. Until about 6 months old he was growing steadily 2 pounds per month. Now that seems to have slowed a bit, but during the last month he's really starting to get solid-- if you pick him up he's just all muscle! He's around 6 1/2 months old now and he's at 8.90 pounds.
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Church is handsome and your photos are beautiful.
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