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Best Cat Breed

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I'm planning to buy a new cat, can someone give me what breed of cat is the most friendly? I'm buying it for my kids.. Thanks in advance..

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Well you will get as many answers as there are breeds, everyone has their favourite! How old are your children? You can't buy a cat for your kids as it will ultimately be your responsibility if you know what I mean, you have to buy it for you, you will be the main caregiver. If your children have never had a pet they will need to be taught how to be gentle with an animal, so as not to scare it.

Personally I would advise to look for breeders of whatever breed who have children themselves so that you know the kittens are used to children - some cats can be nervous around kids if they are not used to them.

Generally speaking, I'd advise sticking to laid back but confident breeds, such as the British Shorthair or Burmese. Siamese can love the company of children if they are used to them, but can also be a bit too playful, chaotic, and noisy (ie lots of wailing!) for some people to cope with!
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Let me start off by saying that I'm terribly bias, but I grew up with Siamese (the Applehead variety to be specific) and they are still my favorite breed. But other breeds that aren't too scarce and that are people friendly are Maine Coons, Tonkinese and Ragdolls. Figure out how much time you want to spend grooming and at the vets. Some breeds are naturally healthier than others and their coats easier to care for. Even consider adopting through a shelter who uses fosters. My rescue cat was fostered in a home with other cats and a dog, and he's the only cat I've ever known to spend his first day home playing with the dog and sleeping with my cat. He didn't even hide, hiss or growl! Good luck! :-)

Just to give you an idea, these pictures were taken less than an hour after I brought Stanley (the black one) home.

Giving 18 year old Frank a "massage" (which must have felt great on his arthritic back!)
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Just about every breed or mixed breed is friendly. I'd make a list of more then "frendly" being your criteria for picking him/her out.

Start with:

1. Long or short hair?

2. Daily grooming or occasional grooming?

3. Male or Female?

4. Small (6-8 lbs), Medium (8-12 lbs) or Large (13 + lbs).

5. Particular color or hair type. You have straight, wavey or curly hair types.

6. Active cat that is more people oriented. or a more laid-back quiet cat.

After you answer some of those, then we can help you narrow your list down
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If you are just looking for a friendly cat, please go to the shelter or rescue and pick out a happy friendly sweet kitty, bring your kids to help
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
If you are just looking for a friendly cat, please go to the shelter or rescue and pick out a happy friendly sweet kitty, bring your kids to help
This is the Breeders Corner, and while nobody would disagree that shelter cats can be as friendly as pedigreed cats, the OP did want to know about certain breeds Please let us have this small corner where we can discuss the merits of our beloved breeds
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