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Coco burned her tongue on Can Food last night

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I put it the Microwave and it didnt feel to hot. Coco started to eat it then she cried and ran to the water dish. I touched the food on the bottom of the plate and it was red hot. She did not want to come over here after that for a while. I looked at her tongue and it is a little red but she is ok. I thought if I heated can food up she might eat it.
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next time, try using hot water instead. seems to work better.
that Coco's little mouth is ok!
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Instead of adding hot water, I dip the can in hot water, stir the food a bit and then transfer the contents to the food dish.
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Thanks, It was Can Food I had in the Fridge.
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Never ever microwave cat food (or baby food) to heat it up. I've always just put some hot water (not boiling) over the food and mixed it up so it was a little soupy. That warms it up to room temp and they will eat it fine.
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I will do that from now on.
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Why not microwave cat food to heat it up? I do it....5 seconds at 70% just takes the chill off it. Then, I 'stir' it a bit with my finger to make sure that there are no hot spots.
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I have found that my cats often turned their noses up at microwaved food...I think it changes the taste --over cooks it in some areas,

I now use the put the can in a bowl of hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. It warms it up evenly and I use some of the water to make Bella's extra soupy (she likes it that way)
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I usually stir in a couple spoons of hot tap water as well. It warms it up a bit, and thins it out, since it gets pretty solid from sitting in the fridge. Riley seems to like it that way.
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Originally Posted by MAXCAT08 View Post
Why not microwave cat food to heat it up?
When you take it out the microwave it's still heating/cooking the food for a while.

Personally i wouldn't use the microwave on the cat food just incase i think it's ok when really it's still hot for their little mouths
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Coco seems ok and is eating the food.
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Believe me, I make darn sure that the food isn't hot..or even warm...just room temperature.

Adding hot water seems like a good idea too.....not only does it add much needed fluid to a cat's will warm up the food.

I've read...that a cat shouldn't be on a strictly dry food diet because it doesn't drink enough water. This in turn could cause CRF (because of chronic dehydration) my girl is 12 yrs old now...I am feeding her canned food just for the fluid content, in addition to the dry food.

Of course, the 'stinky' breath is coming back....maybe adding the water to the canned food will make the food less likely to stick to her teeth causing the breath problem. She is being fed Wellness....

Thanks for the suggestion of adding hot water to the canned food...I'm going to give it a try!!
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I am going to add hot water too.
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Happy to report....I added hot water to Phoebe's cold canned food this morning....and she ate it up like nothing was different. I'm glad she got the extra hydration...and hopefully the food won't stick to her teeth as much, being diluted in the water.

I felt the food with my finger to make sure that it wasn't too hot....and it felt just fine....somewhat cool to the that's heat!

She's such a good girl
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