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Shelter Dogs!!

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Here are pics of the Shelter Dogs/Cats...

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(Hitler ^)

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(office cats ^)

(office cat cross-eyed ^)

(Pistol.. she been here for 3yrs, the longest ^)

(Sasha, the "meanest" dog ^)

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and the Blind/Deaf Dog...

Ok thats all...
Sorry, couldnt help myself... and thats not all the dogs and cats. There a lil crowded right now.
Today I went with my Boss to the vets to have a Preggo kitty that came in last Wed. checked for Leukemia... it came out Negative
I was sooo relieved cuz if she had come out Positive I would have busted out in tears cuz my boss would have put her down right then and there.
Oh and the Blind dog has recognized my scent! lol I walked into the quarantine room and started petting him and he sat there sniffing me, then the second time I walked in he jumped right up before I got to his cage and was sniffing the air like he was looking for me.. then when I started petting him he started wagging his tail and climbing the gate that happened every time I visited him today!!
Im gonna have my mom call them tomorrow ((I dont work tomorrow)) to talk about adopting him.
Thats all ! hope you enjoyed the pics!!
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Every last one of them is ADORABLE! Can't I just take them all home with me?? Ha ha I have wanted a dog for a while, but not while I am in a studio apartment... not enough room.

But I'd gladly take any one of them!
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They are all so sweet!
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Awwww poor babies!!!!!

I want the dog with the half white half black face!
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I know! I wish I could take them all too!!! It is sad seeing them all there... but I give them all the attention I can while im there!
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So I gave my weekend Boss a call ((shes in from Thursday to Saturday)) and I talked to her about me bing interested in the Blind/Deaf Dog.. and she was so happy!! so I talked to her about how things would work if we adopted him, How he'd be an indoor dog and we would get a harness to walk him and how my dog wouldnt have any problems with him cuz hes a bit smaller (if not the same size) than her ((my dog only has issues with young puppies and dogs bigger than her)).
He is not Dog/cat/human aggressive (as far as we can tell) and isnt really hyper.
So my boss said to talk it over with my mom and have my mom call her... my mom did call her but my boss seemed busy so my mom told her to call back when she's got the time.
So now all we do it wait.. and hope.
Oh and I just ordered a book called Amazing Grace.. about life with a blind dog, and im gonna go down to the library and pick up some info books on how to properly care for blind/deaf dogs... plus ive been looking info up online.
I think im ready.

Now, I know giving him a name really doesnt make a difference as he wont ever know it... but I gotta call him something so if we do adopt him, his names gonna be Kumar.
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OMG! I can hear it and I can smell it. Great pics, even if they break my heart. If only I were stinking rich, I could have my own island and create a critter sanctuary!
I promised you some resources for blind/deaf dogs - lemme find them...
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