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I have to get a couple of blood tests, so went to my doctor to organise them, and also mentioned a pain I'm still getting in the right side of my chest since my surgery. He listened to my chest, heard the wheezing in my chest (I said I had a bit of a cold, but it was fine), he decided it wasn't, told me it was bronchitis, gave me a puffer and told me to take Mucinex, and also ordered a chest x-ray - to make sure the pain in my chest is nothing, but more to check that the wheezing is nothing serious.

I tried to tell him I was fine, but he wouldn't believe me So my blood test turned into bronchitis, with him worrying about pneumonia.
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Hehe....well I just hope it is nothing!

Once I sliced my finger at work and when I went to get stitched up they were more concerned about the fever I had.
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I hope you're right and it's nothing -- but isn't it great that you have such a thorough and caring doctor!
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I'm sure it's nothing - I feel completely fine. I just wonder if since I've had heart surgery, doctors are always going to be super paranoid.
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some of it maybe .
but wheezing in the chest is not normal
take your drugs, and get well
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They rang and said my chest x-ray was clear for pneumonia Given that I felt perfectly fine, that's not much of a surprise.

I asked about the chest pain, and the lady said "what chest pain?", and I said - that was the whole reason I wanted a chest x-ray and the other thing they were checking for. She said "oh yeah, well that's clear as well." Riiiiiight. I guess if it doesn't ever get better I'll go back.
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This thread does have an appropriate title, huh! Hope it gets better hun!
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aww sarah you poor girl, i don't know how you put up with it!
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I'm so glad that it's not pneumonia!

Have you had your vitamin D levels checked? You could be low on Vitamin D. I was having horrendous pain in my left rib area for literally years! It got so bad that I was waking up with pain several times per night. I was finally sent to a pain clinic. They did a battery of blood tests, including a Vitamin D. And it turns out that my levels were almost completely depleted. Low Vitamin D levels can cause bone pain, and lead to broken bones because calcium isn't being absorbed, and a whole lot of other problems/symptoms too, including depression.

I was given high doses of Vitamin D twice a week for 6 months, and now I'm on a maintenance dose of 1000 units per day for life. I notice a decrease in pain within about 1 month of starting the high doses. And today my ribs are almost completely pain free. I still notice pain if the area is pressed, but for day to day I don't notice it at all.
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