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my poor Jack...

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now, I'm hoping this is nothing really MAJOR... but Jack has been 'spraying' all over the house, pretending to pee, etc... which i thought was all simply behavioral.

Until this morning. I woke up to find spots of diluted blood everywhere... rut-roh.

At first I thought it was a bleeding paw... but I just cornered Jack and checked his paws... JoJo hasn't been behaving abnormally, so I know it wasn't her (but if i found absolutely nothing on Jack I would have checked her). I checked his paws, nothing... so then I checked his ... well ... you get the idea ... the area where his 'cohonas' had been formerly attached was wet. With the same color stuff... called the V-E-T and in he goes. We're off now. This boy keeps getting more and more expensive... he's been over 1K so far, mostly in dental work.

My poor fur-child.

I'll let you know what happens when we return.

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He might have a Urine Infection. I hope he feels better.
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I hope everything is ok!
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Ruh roh! I hope this is something easy to diagnose and easier to treat! Sending vibes your way.
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We're home... and yes, his urine was rather bloody. When they went to get some, he was so stressed, he peed right there on the table. They took that and handed him back to me. They gave me some pain meds for a few days and antibiotic ... and we're going back on the Uretic dry food. I bought some this morning... I had a feeling he was having some peeing issues the last few days... this is what I get for switching away from the Uretic... yeesh. My cats are expensive little buggers... but I love 'em.

So, now the fun begins... slipping him pills in pill pockets and trying to get the pain med syringe under his tongue... this boy will not let me near his mouth... he hates it. But I'll do my best...

So, it's official, he has a UTI... from the looks of the urine... they're still sending it out to get it checked... so we'll know tomorrow.

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Charlie has a UTI back in the fall. Only sign was he was in and out of the litter box like 5 times in a few mins - with NOTHING showing for it. This was on a Sunday nite - he was in the vet's office first thing Monday morning (DH took him).

He's on Royal Canin for Urinary and hasn't had any more problems.
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I've used Wysong Uretic when he had the mere signs of the beginning of a UTI... a few crystals.. I can get it at a local healthy grocery store (and get stuff for myself as well). The only other places around here that carry it don't take Amex, which is what I use to pay for nearly everything. Especially food and litter for these two little fur-monsters.

Well, he ate the pill with pill pocket smooshed around it... I had a nice fight to get the first syringe in him... it's supposed to be under the tongue, but I'm lucky to get it near his mouth... I did get it in though... he's leery of me and will be until some time tomorrow... he'll forgive me just in time to do the next syringe of pain med. I guess i better sleep with one eye open the next couple of nights, huh?

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So, the urinalysis results came back today... I got calls from both the vet who saw Jack yesterday as well as my regular vet in the clinic...

he has crystals in his urine, but enough acidity to help fight them off... once the infection is down. the lady who saw him yesterday suggested, in her message, about an all-wet diet. Urgh. One issue with Jack has been that he doesn't always eat the wet I give him. Or he'll eat it one day, and the next day he won't touch it... and it's from the same can.

Also, there's no Urinary formula in wet. Not that I've seen at least. (I just checked Petsmart's site... there's one... won't happen. they both get tired of the same wet food constantly... been there).

I think I'll stick with giving them dry, probably just overnight... and try to do wet during the day... any suggestions?

(Raw diet folks: don't bother pushing that option. I have neither the space nor patience/time/money to do that, maybe when I win the elusive lottery)

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