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What Do You Feed Your Cats?

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Just curious, since I might be switching cat foods to find the "best" food for them. Right now, I feed them a mix of Nutro Indoor Dry food. I'm thinking of switching over to a grain free cat food, maybe going wet or partial wet. Still trying to read about it though.

So, what do you feed your cats?
Do you leave the food out so your cats eat whenever, or only eat under your supervision?
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Everyone gets wet 2x a day. Dry food is free fed in measured portions.
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Both are on Royal Canin - Urinary cause of Charlie's bout of UTI last fall. They get a portion amount of dry and get canned in the evening. I feed them a small variety of Natural Balance, Max Cat canned, and a few Iams canned.
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Coco is on C/D for her Bladder Problems.
The others get Blue Spa Indoor.
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kibble - currently RC special 33, but switching to Katz-n-Flocken [new, gonna see how it works for them].
wet - chicken soup w/some homemade mixed in.
kibble is distributed in the morning [measured, but free-fed]. 2 are dry-only eaters. wet is evenings [only 3 of them eat it].
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We feed Matilda mostly dry food with the occasional wet food a few times a week. She's fed twice a day in measured amounts. I'm also looking for a new food for her - something premium and grain-free. I'm leaning towards taste of the wild. I like the ingredients and I've heard really good things about it.
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I just got my kittens today~! however, they are eating Authority Kitten food dry, and Nutro Natural Choice wet... but i am going to wean them to eat Blue Buffalo Spa Select Kitten Dry.
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my two get sciencediet dry and either C/D or Sciencediet wet once and a while
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I feed Evo and I mix some Chicken soup for Kittens
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My girls get California Naturals dry and Wellness canned. Have run into A LOT of allergy issues with one of the girls so this is where we are now.
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Canned two times a day (more often for kittens)-Wellness wet grain free, EVO wet, Nature's Variety wet, Merrick wet, Natural Balance chicken pate' wet.

Dry in measured amounts during day for adults and as treats only for kittens.
Rotate Orijen grain free, California Natural Chicken and Rice, Innova.

Their favs are Wellness and Calif Nat.
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