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Salem playing

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with the dog next door...now..this is a newfoundland/shepard cross..a big puppy! i'll get a photo of him soon...his name is Jack...
anyway..the dog was outside yesterday barking at salem...
so..salem went up to the fence..stuffed his paws through it and swatted the dog on the nose...

he's definately not scared of dogs..he wants to actually pounce the dog!
he hissed at him a few times..while swatting...
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Way to go Salem! How dare Jack bark at you!
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Cats are so amazing! I remember when I was a kid my cat Bean did that to a huge Siberian Husky that came up to our yard! And when our Chow Chow was in the house, she would position herself strategically so that she could jump on his head when he walked by. They're tough little buggers and as territorial as any dog I've ever come across!
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That is so funny and so cool, Salem knows how to defend himself he is brave too
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