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Lazlo the Snuggler

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Going through pics, I discovered that Lazlo is a HUGE snuggler - never really realized it before!

Lazlo and a foster - Munchkin:

Lazlo and Spooky:

Lazlo and Shelly:

Two more of Laz and Munchie:

There are SO many pictures of Lazlo snuggling with Munchkin - we didn't realize he had a little girlfriend. I'm betting he missed her after we adopted her out. Feel bad - we didn't notice it then.

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Oh how sweet is that
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How sweet! He probably did miss his little snuggle buddy when she was adopted.
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That is so sweet!
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What a gorgeous snuggler Lazlo is, seems the perfect feline companion.
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Aw, Lazlo is such a sweetie. I know I missed Munchkin when you adopted her out...I'm sure he did too.
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Awwww.....there's my Lazlo! I knew there was a snuggler under all that fur.
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Oh my word, how precious are they Laurie!!
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awww they are adorable
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CUTENESS ALERT!! My goodness what a sweetheart! I bet he really missed little Munchkin....
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