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"barn kitten"

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Since our old kitty died in March, we have been looking for a kitty to adopt that looks similar to him... We may have found one except the people caring for it say it's been outside this whole time with mom, who is their barn cat. The kitten is only 7 weeks old but would this prevent it from being a loving indoor pet? They say they go handle the kittens daily and have grandchildren come over but I'm just not sure it would be happy indoors and was wondering if anybody had any insight. Thanks
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Many people take kittens or adult cats from barns. My Damita Mae was 5-6 when I got her from our barn, Ophelia was 3, Dorian 1.... I've successfully gotten many from farms & so have others.

Yes, the kitten most likely will not be as socialized as a kitten who was raised as a housepet, but it can still be socialized.
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Seven weeks? It won't matter at all - it'll be like a 6 mo. old person - you can put him anywhere and within a couple of weeks he won't remember a thing about where he was and will adapt to the new place.
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Ling is a product of the last litter of our barn kitties before everyone was finally spayed/neutered. She was brought in the house at 5-6 weeks old so the litter could be weaned and litter pan trained before going to their new homes.

For about the first 6 months she would try to get outside, and we would have to be careful.

By the time she was a year (and spayed at 7 months) we finally broke the habit of her trying to get outside. She's a fine housecat now - doesn't try to sneak out any more.

Just keep working with the kitten and eventually they will be ok with outside. But keep in mind, that IF you let him out one time, you will have a problem with wanting out all the time. Even on leash training, you run the risk of him getting out without the leash. Once you make him an indoor cat, make it forever
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