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Agression after surgery

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We brought the latest batch of fosters to get fixed and we got them back yesterday afternoon. They are 2 sisters and a brother and they LOVE eachother. After, they were still very groggy and slept for a while. After a while when the anestesia (sp) started wearing off, they got VERY cranky and started growling and hissing at eachother.

I expected this, because they are in pain, on meds etc. etc. But it just kept getting worse. they were fighting and tumbling, and i decided it would be best to seperate them (this is after i tried to do scent nuetralizing for them). We only had 2 crates and three cats so it was a whole night of struggling and switching and moving and growling at eachother from other cages.

I'm asking...begging... for any advice for my future fosters. Is there ANYTHING i can do to calm them down enough for them to sleep when they start to get agressive?(i didnt want to just leave them in there to fight, i didnt want someone to get hurt)

It caused my boyfriend to sleep on the couch and i only got 3 hours of sleep being in the same room as them.
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Keep them separated for a couple of days. The hospital smell is spooking them along with residual anesthetic and it can't be good for the incisions. Let them 'come to' and re-orient on their own, then they should be better off.
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