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I was trying to take the trash out and Fera got out. Fortunatly she didn't go down the stairs in my apartment building (or into the laundry room) - she went back into the hallway where I was able to shut a door and corral her despite the ominous sounds she was letting out. How does anyone else keep a cat from rushing to a door? My other cats don't seem interested in running out. Her former owner tells me she likes to go out for walks (she has a harness) but I don't want to do it in the apartment complex because there are too many people and a lot of them have dogs. I put her in the bedroom before I went to work because I don't want a repeat scene this evening. Her ID collar is not in yet (on it's way) and I haven't brought her in to be chipped yet (that's coming next week). Would Feliway help calm her?