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Bella works her way up from the foot of the bed (when I go to sleep) to a spot right next to me by the time I wake up. This is her super strategy for not getting squished...wait until clumsy hooman is settled in and then find your spot. She also wants to touch me if at all possible.

Stan is not so subtle. If I am reading a book in bed he will do everything he can to sit on it , if he wants to snuggle up to me it is usually by my face (insert long hair up nose ). I often wake up with him on my pillow wrapped around my head purring

Wouldn't trade it for the world. Soon it will be too hot and they will start sleeping on the kitchen floor most nights.
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All of my babies sleep with me. Mary sleeps on my back or butt. Or else she snuggles between my knees. My boys sleep at the foot of the bed. I love sleeping with them.
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During the winter, Zane spends most of the night with me. Due to the vagaries of the heating system, my apartment tends to be cold (house converted to duplex). I refer to him as 'my furry hot water bottle.'

Now that it is warm, not so much, although he'll usually visit me a couple of times/night. He'll just wake me up for a pet, then will settle down and go to sleep.

If I lie down for a nap on a Sunday afternoon, he'll be right there.
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Wally sleeps with me every night, his head right on my pillow.
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The cat who I had all almost all of my life, Bean, (she passed away last year at the age of 23 ) used to always sleep with me. She particularly loved napping with me in the afternoons. It was wonderful and I really miss that. Ringo is not quite as cuddly. She sleeps with my husband and I, but she won't join us until after we are both asleep - and then in the morning when she thinks that it is well time we get up she attacks our feet! The Bean wasn't much better. She would get up on my headboard and jump down on my face to wake me up!
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Rocky and Oliver did the sweetest thing for me this morning. They do it often if I'm sick or just upset, but today it just meant so much more to me.

It's been a difficult couple of weeks emotionally, and physically I wasn't feeling so great this morning either. I had the worst time getting out of bed. Rocky crawled into my arms and let me hold him like a live teddy bear for a good 15 minutes. He left to eat and use the box, but Oliver stayed with me, curled up around my head purring. When Rocky was done doing what he needed to do, he came back to snuggle with me until I was ready to get up.

They're like my little furry angels right here on Earth -- always there when I need comforting.
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Originally Posted by Creativgirl View Post
They're like my little furry angels right here on Earth -- always there when I need comforting.
They really are furry little angels. Ringo cheers me up like nothing else when things aren't going well. I'm having a really crap day at work right now and I wish that I could have brought her with me. Happier employees make more productive employees, right?!
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Awws! My Ringo actually napped with me today. This is a very rare occurrence. I feel very privileged!
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Teddy never sleeps with us. Only last week I was sick in bed for a few days and he stayed with me the whole time!. He is too squirmy to sleep qith us - to much energy to stay still for longer than half an hr lol. He sleeps in his cat carrier with the door open with his little teddy bear. its so cute the way he cuddles it!
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Maggie usually follows me into bed and when I first lay down she immediately "kneads the bread" on my belly! It's our nightly ritual . Jazz prefers to sleep under the bed or in the carrier, occassionally she will sleep on the bed!
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All 3 of mine are either under the covers or on the end of the bed where their blankets are. They don't move around much at all, on week days I'm the one waking them up and weekends when I sleep in a little they get up and go play in another room themselves leaving me to sleep.

Pretty much perfect cats at night During the day however they are nuts
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My cat is a cuddler. She is always laying with me when I nap or sleep at night. but what is really cool is that just laying next to me isn't enough for her, she has to touch me. She sometimes streches out har paw and lays it on my arm, or even pets my beard. She is so sweet i really love how she returns the love I give her.
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Crackerman loves to sleep with my bf and I every night. I think it's so sweet. Although sometimes we have to kick him out of the room for some alone time, but he's usually always welcome. He loves to sleep near our faces.
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My cat, Cali, likes to sleep on my NECK!!!!!! I am the only one she does this too.
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