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Kitties that sleep with you

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Ever since I got my cats, I've left the bedroom door open for them during the evenings, and I kick them out if they're keeping me up. I haven't had to do this for awhile fortunately, and slowly but surely, they've learned that Mommy's bed is comfy and warm.

Carter has started taking to sleeping in bed with me. Lorelei has been doing it for awhile, but she's smart enough to know that Mommy flails around a lot and picks a spot on the bed where Mommy won't squash or kick her.

Carter is still learning the basics. The first night he tried this, I rolled right over and got woken up by a cat bolting to avoid being squashed. Since then, he's been trying to find new spots to sleep by my head. He's really big about actually touching me too - so I've woken up to him asleep and actually on my head or shoulders. Oh, and last night, he started snoring right next to my head. Woke me right up

Anyone else have fuzzy snuggle buddies?
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Yep, all 4 of mine sleep in the bed, but they all have differnt spots. Levi sleeps in one of the two cat beds. Maggie sleeps either in one of the 2 cat beds, or lays on my back. Isaac sleeps on towards the bottom of the bed, but he must always be 1/2 on my leg. Jordan, well he's my cuddle bug. He either sleeps between my legs or next to my head. My favorite is when he's right next to my face and he is purring. I sleep so soundly when he is purring right next to me like that.
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Hennessy sleeps with me, though he'll avoid me while I'm 'settling' once the lights are out he'll climb in... while I was sick he curled up under the blankets with me... little furry waterbottle.
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Frantic starts up right next to me. He'll lay down and place his head where my hand is so I can go to sleep scratching his head. Once I fall asleep, he moves down to sleep by my feet. He has to be touching my foot.

Pipsqueek rarely sleeps on the bed with me. That is Frantic's territory. But when he does, he goes down by my hip and turns his back on me. He has to be facing the door.
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Sonic and Jacob sleep on me. I am sometimes woken up by them having a disagreement about who gets to sleep on my face.
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Wicked loves to sleep with me weather it be on the couch or in the bed she is always snuggled up to my side. Occasionally the boys will climb up too but they also have their other favorite places to sleep.
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Yup. The white dog was first. The red dog will snuggle with me while I'm falling asleep, then get off until about 6AM, when she gets BACK up for the "morning snuggle." Brady finds a corner near my feet and sleeps more or less next to the white dog. I was so happy when he started doing that since it means that they are all buddies.
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Mine all share the bed with me at various times during the night. It's unusual for all four of them to be on the bed at the same time, though. Katie's spot has always been at feet, every since she was a kitten. Gracie likes to sleep on my pillow, completely wrapped around my head. She's fiercely protective of her spot too. If any of the other cats get too close, she growls. Pete always sleeps at my side, with at least half his body on top of me. Claire likes to stretch herself across both pillows, but she only gets away with this if Gracie isn't already there. She sleeps under the covers, otherwise, as close to me as possible.
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both my kitties sleep with me unless its extemely hot, then they usually sleep in the floor or in the tub
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Spooky and Lazlo sleep at the foot of the bed. Shelly sleeps under my arm with his head in my hand or on the pillow above my head. Flowerbelle sleeps in the crook of our knees, curled into our stomachs, or on us (when she's not in her hanging basket or in one of the drawers she pulls open).

If Spooky's not at the foot of the bed, sometimes Ming Loy sleeps there.

Gary moves around a lot at night - and Lazlo will occassionally bolt, but unless she's in danger of being crushed, Flowerbelle will just smunch around to readjust. It's really cute.

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My sweet girlies are the most wonderful snuggly sleep partners! I'd never sleep a wink without my babies on or beside me!
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Out of 11 cats I have between 4 and 6 that sleep with us through out the night. Max, Vanna, Sampson and Magnum sleep with us every night all night. Occasionally Takoda and Tigger will make a visit but don't normally sleep us.
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Bella always slept by my head, and I really miss that

Joey always sleeps near my feet and Mario joins a few times a week. Sophia comes up once in a while for a cuddle during the night
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Socks used to cuddle with me while I was laying in bed, whether it be just relaxing during the day or sleeping at night. But he hasn't done that in a while, since he started being more aggressive. I hope he'll be a sweetie pie again after the neutering.
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Rocky sleeps on the bed almost every night, unless Matt is staying over. Oliver will occasionally join us. Rocky's preferred spot is on my feet or next to me; Oliver prefers to wrap himself around my head or sit on my chest or belly.
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Every night Tomnus has to come into my room to say goodnight and upto about a month ago he would stay in bed with me all night. Now he comes and goes, sometimes I will wake up and he will be nowhere to be found(great time to rollover and uncramp) and sometimes he will be sleeping perpendicular to me with his butt pressed against me. The other night I rolled over and woke up to find that he was like 1/4 under me and he wasn't mowing or anything but he did have his head up off the bed looking at me like "Can I help you", apparently he didn't like the 350 pound man on top of his butt...okay did that sound like a scene from a prison movie to anyone else...its not like that I swear. Lol...anyway yeah he sleeps with me off and on and if he isn't with me sometimes I will find him on the table that is right next to my bed.
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The Dude likes nothing better than snuffling around kneading my neck and giving it little tiny licks, he does that for about an hour before settling down to sleep with his face pushed hard into my neck and one arm over me giving me a cuddle he stays like that till I move, then the snuffling/kneading starts again (unsurprisingly I try not to move too much ) Pipsi joins in at about 6 in the morning by chewing one of my ears with great gusto before snuggling up to the other side of my head... and thats how I wake up every morning
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All three of mine sleep on my bed, I love it.
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Zoey always slept in bed with me....usually in my arms. She was such a cuddler. Belle and Delilah get shut out of the bedroom at the moment. They are far too active....they just dart at our feet when they move under the blankets or chase each other around the room. The couple times I have kept them in, they have woken me up at 4am and done the same thing. I wish I could keep them in the room, but both of us need to get up at 6am and can't afford to lose any sleep right now. I'm hoping that as they get older they will calm down and be more cuddly and less nuts!
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My girls sleep on my bed with me about 80% of the time. Usually Marble is at my feet or against the front of hips or back of my knees (I curl my legs) and Mia is up near my head or chest. Marble sleeps on my bed with me more than Mia does. Last weekend I had food poisoning so I was bedridden all day, and both girls stayed with me. I thought that was really sweet.
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last night, chloe hogged the bed and i had to sleep at the head of the bed, sideways while she took up pretty much the rest of the bed lol! shes long enough that while stretched out she can take up a full length bed -- and she does ^.^ whenever id get comfy, she'd put her feet against me so i couldnt even move for fear id smoosh a foot or her tail

what a bed hog. then she pushed the blanket up next to me and i didnt even know she was gone until i heard her tags jangling against her bowl in the kitchen! who knows how long she'd been roaming around the house!?

2 nights ago my mom hollered at me to come look at something. when i got to her room, patchy was asleep, all snuggled up in a ball, with her head on her pillow and one paw resting beside her face. it was adorable
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We always have at least two or three cats on us at any given time throughout the night. Lilly usually stays the entire night, but the others will get down and play for awhile and eventually come back.
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I have TWO cats that love hogging my pillow...Kiira the new girl, and Brazil both enjoy sleeping near mom's head...Faith was my first 'pillow kitty'...so it is extremely 'special' to me that these two have now taken up the 'habit'...

Kiira likes to stick her paws in my face...which is 'okay' with me, as long as she hasn't just returned from the toilet!!! Hahaha
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Bella always slept by my head, and I really miss that
Mouse always slept curved into my left side - Pixel on the right. since Mouse left us, none of the current ones sleep w/me like that - not even Pixel.

Chip snuggles right at first, then gets down. Java will come for lovies, too - & sometimes stays, especially during the colder months [she has the thinnest, lightest coat of all of the cats - very oriental-like]. but when it gets warmer, she doesn't usually stay.

Cable almost never even comes around. Pixel will sometimes come for pets, but rarely stays.

you'd think w/5, at least ONE would sleep w/me, wouldn't you?
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Reilly and Molly are my bedtime snuggly bears. They usually don't come to bed till around 3 am and then it's a fight between the 2 to see who can get closest to my face. When I wake up Reilly is usually on my chest or laying about 2 inches from my face and Molly has made a nest out of my hair on my pillow
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well, like other, mine have learned that if they keep waking me up, they get locked out of the room which they hate.

heyu cat bed is at the foot of the bed. She will often come lay down o my stomach, for a little then she goes and gets in her cat bed. but i do wake up often with her sleeping on my legs, or aganist my back

easy likes to sleep next to my head or arm., when its cold he likes to get under the covers and sleep curled up aganist my chest.. He seems to like sleeping so he can touch you.
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Sonic and Jacob sleep on me. I
Who in the world is Jacob?

All mine sleep with me and I love it
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Who in the world is Jacob?

All mine sleep with me and I love it
he's her newest, a lilac oriental, i think...
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
he's her newest, a lilac oriental, i think...
Ohhh Ok ..... i thought she was calling Radar, Jacob
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Ohhh Ok ..... i thought she was calling Radar, Jacob
nope - she's got a 3-cat household, now. here's a couple of links to !
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